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Obtain The Seaglass Unique Staff Without Killing Angharad Glyndowr Unlockables

Obtaining the Seaglass staff without killing Angharad can be difficult. You are going to need to save your game before making this attempt. This way if you make a mistake you can simply try again. 

Start the Ties that Bind quest: If you head to the Mudhold Fasting entrance and speak to Conrad Cronberg, he will provide you with this quest. This is in the Gallows End region. 

Ensure you have at least 1 Master Phasewalk Potion and 10 Persuasion skills.

Once you arrive at her location from the quest, walk up to Angharad. Stop as soon as she begins to run at you. Drink your Master Phasewalk potion and start the conversation.

If the persuasion has worked, be ready to crouch and pickpocket Angharad fast. You will need to do this just before you say Goodbye. You will have a 5% chance to pickpocket Angharad without being detected and take the key from her. So this is where you may need to make a few attempts. Retry this part until you get it right. 

Once you have managed to retrieve the key, leave her inventory but remain in crouching mode. Move away from Angharad until she is no longer looking at her inventory and runs to the carry-on with the quest.

Once she has left you will be able to grab the Seaglass staff undetected Angharad without killing her.

Here you can see the staff and its stats


Backpack Locations Unlockables

One of the most frustrating things in KOA - Re-Reckoning is constantly running out of space in your inventory. The game has hidden multiple backpacks around the map. When you start the game you will only have 70 spaces, Each backpack you find will increase your inventory by 10 spaces. 

You can find the backpacks with specific traders in the game all across Amalur. Their prices will decrease as you level your Merchantile skill up. 

Below are details to finding each backpack and they are listed in order from where you will find them while going over the main quest.

Gorhart Village: Head to the Corner Shop merchant Rikka Egest and he will sell the backpack for 7500 gold.

Ysa: Head to the Asker Alley merchant Riona Helt. Riona will sell the backpack for 7200 gold.

Rathir: In Rather Head to the Upper City, in the Upper city you go to Cholia Arcana and find the merchant Will Donall. Wil Donall will sell the backpack for 9375 gold.

Mel Senshir: Head to the city's big well and find the merchant Llyn Doldran. Llyn will sell the backpack for 8750 gold.

Adessa: Head to the Domus Politica and find the merchant Senecer Macit. Senecer will sell the backpack for 7800 gold.

Idylla (DLC only): If you have the DLC "Teeth of Noras" you can go to the Idylla Market and find the merchant Amelio. Ampelio will sell the backpack for 6250 gold.

Caedo Genesis show's you where to find each backpack, how to purchase them, and the easiest order to gather the backpacks.


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