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The Best Way to use Fateshifting Hints

Fateshifting can be a good way to gain XP. Once you unlock the Reckoning Meter you are able to take down multiple enemies increasing your fate shift attacks XP. 

Although it may seem like it will be wise to hold off using the Reckoning Meter until an emergency. By doing this you will end up wasting your opportunities for the combos and in the end losing out. So you should use your Fateshifting option as often as you can. 

If you use your Fateshift button and the option to use the meter does not pop up. You can cancel this motion and preserve the Reckoning Meter by pressing the same key you use to activate it. 

Filling up your meter can be quick depending on your weapon is not as difficult as it may sound. Each weapon’s basic combo should be easily achieved by mashing the hit combo. Hitting the combo multiple times will fill the meter up in only a few moments.

Don't waste your Reckoning meter.


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