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How to Gain Gold Easily Guides

Early game it may be super difficult to gather some gold. You may struggle to afford all the potions you need and other inventory items. 

Detect Hidden

The detect hidden skill will increase the amount of gold you find in general. It will help you highlight treasures around you and the loot will appear on your mini-map. The skill will be one of your most-used skills in the game and it will help in many quests too. All the loot you find that you do not need can be sold to merchants for Gold.


Mercantile is a skill that improves the prices you will get with certain merchants. They will pay more for your loot and you can purchase items for a cheaper price. 

The Jack-of-all-Trades rank will allow you a free skill point extra in all your skill options. This will allow you to unlock all the skills you need early in the game. 

Find Backpacks

There are multiple backpacks around the map of the game that can be purchased from certain merchants. Each backpack you purchased will add 10 slots to your inventory space. This will allow you to carry more loot found that you can sell to merchants. 

Faxtrafie goes over these and other tips you may want to know when you are starting out on this game


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