Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning Glitches on Playstation 4 (PS4)

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Raise Many Pets at once (DLC only) Glitches

If you gather 3 or more pets and talk to Cillian Keen. You will be able to select "I want a trained beast" in the dialogue. Cillian will explain that you need to release at least one of the pets. Select the "Raise pets" option and play the dialogue through. 

Once you have gone through this the "release pet" option disappears and you are able to train up to seven pets at once instead of 2 at a time. 


Level Up and gain XP Fast Glitches

Head to the Customs hour in Rafia location from Alabasters Region. Save your game so that you can return to this point if you need to. Once you are inside, run to the old ledge and you will see there is a ton of loot on the mini-map. Ensure you have a lot of lock-picks

Loot everything you can find on the Mini-map to gain all the loot possible and level your XP up in the same time. Once you have gained all the loot, you can head to a close merchant and sell all the loot you do not want. 

If the loot was not good enough you can reload the game and head inside again, the loot will change on each reload.

The glitch will work in any area that is populated with chests, should you find other spots. It is a neat trick to find the loot you need to. 

Vasko Gaming goes into detail on how to process this glitch.


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