Xbox One Outsells PS4 for 4 Weeks in the UK

MCV has reported that things have shifted a little bit in the UK video games market. While the PS4 was outselling the Xbox One for a long time, the Xbox One has been the highest-selling console for the past four weeks. This is most likely due to the price cut, the release of Titanfall, and […]

The Lego Movie Videogame Has High Sales, Higher in Second Week

The Lego Movie Videogame released on February 7 in North American and on February 14 in Europe, and it’s certainly made an impact on the UK video game market. Last week was its second week available, and it was at the top of the sales chart, beating out FIFA 14 and Call of Duty: Ghosts, […]

Two big UK retailers discount the Xbox One price

Microsoft’s Xbox One has not been selling as well in the United Kingdom as its main competitor, the PlayStation 4, and the price may be one of the causes. A recommended retail price of £429.99 is fairly steep, especially when the other consoles on the market are cheaper (the PS4 costs £349.99). As of today […]

Sony in the lead in the UK console war

In the United Kingdom, Microsoft released the Xbox One on November 22, and Sony released the PlayStation 4 on November 29. Despite the week’s head start the Xbox One had, however, the PS4 is in the lead in terms of sales. The holiday sales numbers show that the PS4 sold 530,000 units leading up to Christmas, […]

PS4 kicking butt in the UK

The PS4 is kicking butt in the UK and according to one website, Sony sold nearly double the number of PS4s there in its launch weekend than Microsoft sold Xbox Ones upon it release weekend. Chart Track (a UK tracking website) has said (without giving any numbers) that the PS4 is officially the fastest selling […]

Early predictions: more PS4s than Xbox Ones sold in both US and UK

In the first week of it going on sale in the United States, Microsoft sold approximately 732,000 Xbox One consoles according to VGChartz. This is compared to the million plus Playstation 4s sold by Sony for the same period after the launch of its new flagship console. Sony appears to be dominating the next-generation console […]