Two big UK retailers discount the Xbox One price


Microsoft’s Xbox One has not been selling as well in the United Kingdom as its main competitor, the PlayStation 4, and the price may be one of the causes. A recommended retail price of £429.99 is fairly steep, especially when the other consoles on the market are cheaper (the PS4 costs £349.99).

As of today however, two retailers from the UK have discounted the Xbox One to £409.99 (by just under 5%). Both are online retailers – The Hut and Zavvi. As other stores still have it at the original full price, this is likely a decision on the part of the retailers, rather than an official price cut by Microsoft (which is yet to provide any comment).

Fans are divided on whether demand for the Xbox One has declined, if the console was overpriced to start with, or if this minor discount is just meant to boost sales for the retailers — (there have been rumors concerning the financial viability of both operations circulating for years). Other fans just see it as an opportunity, and possibly a sign of an official sale on the horizon.

Whether we start to see such discounts in the US and other parts of Europe and Australasia remains to be seen….

5 thoughts on “Two big UK retailers discount the Xbox One price”

  1. here in New Zealand the RRP for the Xbox One has been $749 but theres been pretty much consistent sales where the console is $699 (PS4 is $649 here). Theres basically been a retailer somewhere selling at $649 since shortly after launch

  2. Are you being serious?

    Firstly, ZAVVI belongs to THE HUT GROUP, so yeah its ONE retailer and not two.

    Secondly, THE HUT GROUP is located on the JERSEY ISLAND, so they have to pay way less TAX, that’s why they can easily set a discount price!

    So STOP talking BS!

    • If you want to knit pick, it’s TWO RETAILERS in the same group, and secondly are you saying the sole, 100% confirmed reason they can discount is they pay less tax? Riiiiight.



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