The Lego Movie Videogame Has High Sales, Higher in Second Week

February 24, 2014 by Staff - Leave a comment


The Lego Movie Videogame released on February 7 in North American and on February 14 in Europe, and it’s certainly made an impact on the UK video game market.

Last week was its second week available, and it was at the top of the sales chart, beating out FIFA 14 and Call of Duty: Ghosts, among other popular games in the top ten. In fact, The Lego Movie Videogame saw more sales last week than it did its first week, which is unusual.

The newly-released Wii U game, Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze, made it to 9th place. Rayman Legends, which was just ported to Xbox One and PS4, took 10th place, pushing Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII down to eleventh.

Have you been playing any of these games? What are your thoughts on The Lego Movie Videogame and the other games in the top ten?

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