Sony in the lead in the UK console war

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In the United Kingdom, Microsoft released the Xbox One on November 22, and Sony released the PlayStation 4 on November 29. Despite the week’s head start the Xbox One had, however, the PS4 is in the lead in terms of sales. The holiday sales numbers show that the PS4 sold 530,000 units leading up to Christmas, while the Xbox One only sold 364,000. That puts the PS4 in the lead by 166,000 units.

Some people think the reason behind the difference is the Xbox One’s higher price, while others feel Microsoft’s focus on television and US-based sports appealed less to UK audiences than Sony’s game-centered message did. Nevertheless, Microsoft’s sales are still strong, even if they are behind.

Physical game sales were down by 2.9% in the UK for 2013, while digital game sales were up by 16.4%, leading to an overall rise in the gaming market.

Sony’s lead in the UK could give them the highest sales overall, but things are looking good for both Sony and Microsoft. The two new systems have done exceptionally well in every regions they were released, and while the “console war” is still in full swing, neither console looks like it is in danger of failing.

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