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Last Updated: June 6, 2022

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The Cheeky Star Wars Reference Easter Eggs

As players progress through the game, they will end up sneaking into the City of South Figaro as the character Locke, who can wear different disguises during the gameplay to slip past the guards. Players will then find a prison cell that holds Celes. The Guard at her cell is sleep-deprived, allowing players to walk up to Celes and free her. If Locke rescues Celes in his Imperial disguise, there is an interesting dialogue that she uses: "Aren't you a little short for an Imperial Soldier?" and Locke will reply with "Oops! Forgot I was wearing these clothes." referencing Star Wars Episode IV. 

In the IV:  'A New Hope' episode, princess Leia says the same thing to Luke Skywalker, who at the time is disguised as a Stormtrooper during the rescue mission on the Death Star. 

Man in the black hat shows you the star wars reference in the game.


The Moogles Easter Eggs

There is a Moogle Shop in Twilight Town as well as next to most save points in the game. In the shop, players can buy items, like weapons for party members or upgrade keyblades. 

The Moogles originated in Final Fantasy VI and have continued to appear in the subsequent games.   

The Ten Moogles is a group that is temporarily playable in Final Fantasy. They act as "place-fillers" for other playable characters that can be recruited aside from Umaro. The Moogles live in the mines of Narshe and are led by Mog. 

After Terra's Slave Crown was damaged and she was freed from the control of the Gestahlian Empire, she awoke in the care of Arvis. 

Terra is being pursued by the guards who still want to arrest her, and Arvis tells her to flee into the mines. The guards' corner Terra and the floor collapses under her, and she lands in front of the Moogles Cave. 

Arvis, at the same time, contacts Locke to help Terra escape, and he finds her shortly before the guards, but Locke is greatly outnumbered. The Moogles emerge from their cave, and Locke intuited them to help him in defending her. They defeat the leader of the guards, and Locke and Terra escape from the mines.

The Moogles have no specific battle commands and no Desperation Attacks. They appear equipped with a Buckler for a shield and different weapons. Players will notice that the Moogles have awful stats as well as low HP compared to their leader Mog. 

However, they do have very powerful weaponry, and that's where their strength lies. 


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