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Last Updated: June 6, 2022

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Multi-Party Saving Trick Hints

If you are part of a multi-party, you can save and use tents for all of the other party members when only one of them is at a save point. 

Leave one party on a save point, then venture until another party reaches another save point, then you can trade.  


Beat the MagiMaster Hints

First, you will need to cast Bserk on him, so he won't be able to Wall change, and he will lose a lot of spellcasting abilities. Also, make sure you cast Life3 on party members so he will cast Ultima at the end of the battle.


Trick to get Kappa Hints

Kappa is the Imp who told you about Gau. 

First, you will need a rename Card from the Colosseum and wager an Elixir. Then go and collect all the Imp equipment in the Wold of Ruin around Narshe. You will need to steal equipment like Imp Halberd, Tortoise Shield, Titanium, and Imp's Armor from enemies. 

Then pick a character and can equip them with the stolen Imp equipment and rename your character Kappa and cast Imp on your character. 

The Imp won't be able to use any special abilities or magic on other Imps, but they will be extremely strong fighters with great defensive capabilities. 

If you want your previous character back, use a green cherry, or you can cast Imp again.  


Useful Items in the game Hints

In the South Figaro, when you play out Locke's scenario, go straight down after you are asked if you want to change clothes but right before you go and save Celes. There are some very useful items in the secret basement. 

There is a secret area under the mansion that holds a staircase leading to a basement with two relics, Hermes Sandals, and Hyper Wrist. The nearby storage room has four chests containing a total of 3 000 Gil. 

These chests can be acquired on the first visit to South Figaro, and they contain a Great Sword, Heavy shield, Earring, and Iron Armor. 

The next staircase leads to another basement with an X-potion and a Hi-Ether. There is a hidden chest below the chest containing the x-potion that has a ribbon. 


White Cape Hints

In the returner's Hideout, go to the northmost room. You will find three chests and a bunch of boxes in them. 

Walk around the boxes to the right side, go down, and to the right to find the white cape.  

The white cape is a recurring accessory in the series. The cape protects the wearer against silence. 

No matter how amazing a mage may be, no spell can be cast when the voice is sealed away. Wearing the cape can offer some solace to those who fear being the target of monsters silencing attack. 

All warriors should take great care, so they don't end up in a situation where they are not able to launch an attack or use any type of restorative magic by falling prey to the silence. 


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