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Last Updated: June 6, 2022

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Vanish- Doom Glitch Glitches

The bug appears in the early versions of the game. Casting the Vanish on an enemy will allow you to instantly kill them with a death spell even if your enemy is immune to death. 

The Vanish was meant to have magic spells hit 100% of the time. The effect is that it bypasses the Death Immunity and other status effects.


  1. Vanish + Doom
  2. Cleave: Swd tech 8 bypasses final enemy attacks, but it is not useful in a speed run
  3. X-Zone: bypasses enemy attacks
  4. Share: Rhodox rage or Dusk Requiem dance bypasses the enemy's final attacks
  5. Odin/Raiden (bypasses final enemy attacks
  6. Reversing Phantom onto the enemy with muddle is an alternative way to vanish your enemy
  7. X-Fer: Magitek skillset, bypasses final enemy attacks 
  8. Stargo/Relm Desperation attacks

The instant death version of Chainsaw is considered to be a magic attack but does not defeat vanished enemies. 

The Final Fantasy bosses that are immune to death are Guardian, Inferno, and the final boss tiers. You will need the direct damage or the slots (JD/RJD) to defeat them.

Editedduex tests the glitch on of the hardest bosses.


Glitches for Super Nintendo Glitches

  • Equipment Immunity Granting Glitch 
    Normally, the Force Shield and Cursed Shield are supposed to grant status ailments in battle.

         The Cursed Shield is the one you will use the most use with the glitch because it                 only grants bad ailments.

         The Force Shield grants positive ones in Shell. If you equip the Cursed Shield in the           middle of a battle and not before or during, you will be granted immunity to all of                 the ailments that it gives, and that is most of the ailments in the game. 

  • Evade Glitch 
    On all the versions of SNES cartridges, the evade percentage stat has no effect. All algorithms use MBlock percentage to calculate dodging and blocking an attack, magical or physical. 128% is where the MBlock percentage is at its maxed effect. If you go higher, it still won't be more effective.  

          You will want to equip your characters to 128 MBlock percentage, and you'll be                  nearly invincible. 

  • Pair Gau and Relm Glitch 
    You will want to pair Gau and Relm at the same party. Then have Gau jump on an opponent and fight until he comes back; before Gau gives his speech, have Relm sketch him.

          If you have a game that is glitchable, then there is a chance that switched up                      character will sprite, and items will be added to your inventory after the battle. This            will only work on early carts and not all carts.     


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