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Last Updated: June 6, 2022
Final Fantasy VI
  • First Released: Apr 1, 1994
  • Genres: Role-playing (RPG), Adventure
  • Ratings: PEGI 7, ESRB T

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Trick to get Kappa


Kappa is the Imp who told you about Gau. 

First, you will need a rename Card from the Colosseum and wager an Elixir. Then go and collect all the Imp equipment in the Wold of Ruin around Narshe. You will need to steal equipment like Imp Halberd, Tortoise Shield, Titanium, and Imp's Armor from enemies. 

Then pick a character and can equip them with the stolen Imp equipment and rename your character Kappa and cast Imp on your character. 

The Imp won't be able to use any special abilities or magic on other Imps, but they will be extremely strong fighters with great defensive capabilities. 

If you want your previous character back, use a green cherry, or you can cast Imp again.  

Vanish- Doom Glitch


The bug appears in the early versions of the game. Casting the Vanish on an enemy will allow you to instantly kill them with a death spell even if your enemy is immune to death. 

The Vanish was meant to have magic spells hit 100% of the time. The effect is that it bypasses the Death Immunity and other status effects.


  1. Vanish + Doom
  2. Cleave: Swd tech 8 bypasses final enemy attacks, but it is not useful in a speed run
  3. X-Zone: bypasses enemy attacks
  4. Share: Rhodox rage or Dusk Requiem dance bypasses the enemy's final attacks
  5. Odin/Raiden (bypasses final enemy attacks
  6. Reversing Phantom onto the enemy with muddle is an alternative way to vanish your enemy
  7. X-Fer: Magitek skillset, bypasses final enemy attacks 
  8. Stargo/Relm Desperation attacks

The instant death version of Chainsaw is considered to be a magic attack but does not defeat vanished enemies. 

The Final Fantasy bosses that are immune to death are Guardian, Inferno, and the final boss tiers. You will need the direct damage or the slots (JD/RJD) to defeat them.

Editedduex tests the glitch on of the hardest bosses.

Glitches for Super Nintendo


  • Equipment Immunity Granting Glitch 
    Normally, the Force Shield and Cursed Shield are supposed to grant status ailments in battle.

         The Cursed Shield is the one you will use the most use with the glitch because it                 only grants bad ailments.

         The Force Shield grants positive ones in Shell. If you equip the Cursed Shield in the           middle of a battle and not before or during, you will be granted immunity to all of                 the ailments that it gives, and that is most of the ailments in the game. 

  • Evade Glitch 
    On all the versions of SNES cartridges, the evade percentage stat has no effect. All algorithms use MBlock percentage to calculate dodging and blocking an attack, magical or physical. 128% is where the MBlock percentage is at its maxed effect. If you go higher, it still won't be more effective.  

          You will want to equip your characters to 128 MBlock percentage, and you'll be                  nearly invincible. 

  • Pair Gau and Relm Glitch 
    You will want to pair Gau and Relm at the same party. Then have Gau jump on an opponent and fight until he comes back; before Gau gives his speech, have Relm sketch him.

          If you have a game that is glitchable, then there is a chance that switched up                      character will sprite, and items will be added to your inventory after the battle. This            will only work on early carts and not all carts.     

The Cheeky Star Wars Reference

Easter Eggs

As players progress through the game, they will end up sneaking into the City of South Figaro as the character Locke, who can wear different disguises during the gameplay to slip past the guards. Players will then find a prison cell that holds Celes. The Guard at her cell is sleep-deprived, allowing players to walk up to Celes and free her. If Locke rescues Celes in his Imperial disguise, there is an interesting dialogue that she uses: "Aren't you a little short for an Imperial Soldier?" and Locke will reply with "Oops! Forgot I was wearing these clothes." referencing Star Wars Episode IV. 

In the IV:  'A New Hope' episode, princess Leia says the same thing to Luke Skywalker, who at the time is disguised as a Stormtrooper during the rescue mission on the Death Star. 

Man in the black hat shows you the star wars reference in the game.

The Moogles

Easter Eggs

There is a Moogle Shop in Twilight Town as well as next to most save points in the game. In the shop, players can buy items, like weapons for party members or upgrade keyblades. 

The Moogles originated in Final Fantasy VI and have continued to appear in the subsequent games.   

The Ten Moogles is a group that is temporarily playable in Final Fantasy. They act as "place-fillers" for other playable characters that can be recruited aside from Umaro. The Moogles live in the mines of Narshe and are led by Mog. 

After Terra's Slave Crown was damaged and she was freed from the control of the Gestahlian Empire, she awoke in the care of Arvis. 

Terra is being pursued by the guards who still want to arrest her, and Arvis tells her to flee into the mines. The guards' corner Terra and the floor collapses under her, and she lands in front of the Moogles Cave. 

Arvis, at the same time, contacts Locke to help Terra escape, and he finds her shortly before the guards, but Locke is greatly outnumbered. The Moogles emerge from their cave, and Locke intuited them to help him in defending her. They defeat the leader of the guards, and Locke and Terra escape from the mines.

The Moogles have no specific battle commands and no Desperation Attacks. They appear equipped with a Buckler for a shield and different weapons. Players will notice that the Moogles have awful stats as well as low HP compared to their leader Mog. 

However, they do have very powerful weaponry, and that's where their strength lies. 

Multi-Party Saving Trick


If you are part of a multi-party, you can save and use tents for all of the other party members when only one of them is at a save point. 

Leave one party on a save point, then venture until another party reaches another save point, then you can trade.  

Beat the MagiMaster


First, you will need to cast Bserk on him, so he won't be able to Wall change, and he will lose a lot of spellcasting abilities. Also, make sure you cast Life3 on party members so he will cast Ultima at the end of the battle.

Useful Items in the game


In the South Figaro, when you play out Locke's scenario, go straight down after you are asked if you want to change clothes but right before you go and save Celes. There are some very useful items in the secret basement. 

There is a secret area under the mansion that holds a staircase leading to a basement with two relics, Hermes Sandals, and Hyper Wrist. The nearby storage room has four chests containing a total of 3 000 Gil. 

These chests can be acquired on the first visit to South Figaro, and they contain a Great Sword, Heavy shield, Earring, and Iron Armor. 

The next staircase leads to another basement with an X-potion and a Hi-Ether. There is a hidden chest below the chest containing the x-potion that has a ribbon. 

White Cape


In the returner's Hideout, go to the northmost room. You will find three chests and a bunch of boxes in them. 

Walk around the boxes to the right side, go down, and to the right to find the white cape.  

The white cape is a recurring accessory in the series. The cape protects the wearer against silence. 

No matter how amazing a mage may be, no spell can be cast when the voice is sealed away. Wearing the cape can offer some solace to those who fear being the target of monsters silencing attack. 

All warriors should take great care, so they don't end up in a situation where they are not able to launch an attack or use any type of restorative magic by falling prey to the silence. 

Pretty Significant Changes to the Summons


In the game, a summons has changed to espers, and they have had a strong integration with the wider story, with Terra appearing as a half esper and many others obtained by the acquisition of the magicite.

The magicite allows players to summon espers in combat and can also be used to teach playable characters a number of abilities.   

Bahamut appears in Final Fantasy again as one of the most powerful espers available to players to use in the game. In order for a player to deal non-emental damage, it costs 86 mp to deal non-emental damage to all enemies using the mega flare (a spell power of 92). 

Unlike in previous games, Bahamut is not the ultimate summon. Valigarmanda performs the tri-diaster move (a spell power of 110), but the use is hindered by the damage being elemental.  

The real superior summon is crusader. A player can only get this character after defeating the eight legendary dragons. Crusader was said to contain a fragment of power housed within the warring tirad. This is the reason Crusader deals non-emental damage to a move called cleansing (a spell power of 190). The problem is that the cleansing does not just target enemies; when used, it will also target allies. 

Esper Locations: 


Learnable spells: thunder, thundara & poison

Location: Automatically obtained after finding Terra in Zozo. 


Learnable spells: cure, cura, poisona, regen & libra 

Location: Automatically obtained after finding Terra in Zozo.


Learnable spells: sleep, silence, slow & fire

Location: Automatically obtained after finding Terra in Zozo.

Cait Sith

Learnable spells: confuse, imp & float

Location: Automatically obtained after finding Terra in Zozo.


Learnable spells: fire, fira & drain 

Location: Automatically obtained at the Magitek Research Facility after battling Ifrit and Shiva.


Learnable spells: blizzard, blizzara, osmose, rasp & cure

Location: Automatically obtained at the Magitek Research Facility after battling Ifrit and Shiva.


Learnable spells: protect, shell, esuna & dispel 

Location: Automatically obtained at the Magitek Research Facility.


Learnable spells: fira, blizzara & thundara  

Location: Automatically obtained at the Magitek Research Facility.


Learnable spells: bio, break & death   

Location: Automatically obtained at the Magitek Research Facility.


Learnable spells: gravity, vanish & berserk    

Location: Automatically obtained at the Magitek Research Facility.


Learnable spells: haste, reflect, protect, shell & teleport     

Location: Automatically obtained at the Magitek Research Facility.


Learnable spells: fire, blizzard, thunder & raise      

Location: Automatically obtained at the Magitek Research Facility.

Zona Seeker 

Learnable spells: rasp, osmose & shell       

Location: Purchase at Jidoor Auction House for 10 000 Gil. A random "spawn" that is never guaranteed to show up in an auction session.


Learnable spells: cura, protect & stop        

Location: Purchase at Jidoor Auction House for 20 000 Gil. This will also be a random "spawn," but once either Zona Seeker or Golem shows up, the likelihood increases that the other will do the same.  


Learnable spells: cure, cura, regen, raise & esuna         

Location: Purchase in Tzen from a strange man half-hidden behind the Relic Shop. During the World of Balance, he will demand 3000 Gil. If you return to the World of Ruin, he will then lower the cost to 10 Gil.


Learnable spells: haste, hastega, slow, slowga & float         

Location: Return to Solitary Island, where Celes awakens after a year has passed, but only once you have obtained the Falcon. 


Learnable spells: stop, banish & teleport          

Location: Automatically obtained after defeating Phunbaba in the World of Ruin at the climax of Terra's quest.


Learnable spells: firaga, blizzaga & thundaga           

Location: Go back to the cave near Narshe, where Terra reacted to an Esper right at the beginning of the game. This is also part of the recruitment process for optional party member Umaro. 


Learnable spells: quake, tornado & graviga            

Location: This is also part of Umaro's recruitment process, at roughly the same place in the cave near Narshe. 


Learnable spells: cure, cura, curaga, regen & esuna             

Location: After battling Chadarnook during the climax of Relm's quest. 


Learnable spells: protect, shell, esuna & dispel              

Location: Go back to the throne room in Doma right after Cyan's quest has concluded.


Learnable spells: firaga, curaga, raise, arise & reraise              

Location: Complete the events of Locke's quest at Phoenix Cave. 


Learnable spells: meteor              

Location: Found at the Ancient Castle in the World of Ruin.


Learnable spells: flash               

Location: This is a reward for defeating Doom Gaze in the World of Ruin that flies around the world and must be fought several times aboard the airship. 


Learnable spells: Ultima                

Location: Go to Narshe's Weapon Shop during the World of Ruin with Locke in your party. Select the Ragnarok Esper who will lock you out of obtaining the Ragnarok sword! 


Learnable spells: meteor & meltdown            

Location: The main reward for slaying all eight legendary dragons in the World of Ruin.

  1. Red Dragon: Phoenix Cave, during Locke's quest
  2. Ice Dragon: Narshe Cliffs, during Umaro's recruitment
  3. Storm Dragon: In Zozo
  4. Blue Dragon: Ancient Castle
  5. Earth Dragon: Return to the Opera House
  6. Holy Dragon: Cultist Tower, during Strago's recruitment
  7. Gold Dragon: Inside Kefka's Tower
  8. Skull Dragon: Inside Kefka's Tower 


Learnable spells: quick             

Location: After obtaining Odin at the Ancient Castle, go to the basement, take five steps southward from the stone queen and press the action button.

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