The Forest Cheats on Playstation 4 (PS4)

Last Updated: February 5, 2023
The Forest
  • First Released: May 30, 2014
  • Genres: Strategy,Adventure
  • Platforms: PC,PlayStation 4
  • Developer: Endnight Games
  • Publisher: Endnight Games

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Cheats (not developer mode)


The PC version of The Forest has cheats available that can be entered from the title screen, and it has been reported that if you connect a keyboard to your PS4, you will be able to use the cheats in the PS4 version as well. These can be used without being in developer mode. Just go to the title screen and type in the following codes for the indicated effects.

ironforest – Buildings will become impossible to destroy.

regrowmode – When you sleep, 10% of trees will regrow. (The host can enable this cheat in a multiplayer game.)

veganmode – Enemies will only appear in caves, not in any other areas.

vegetarianmode – Enemies will only appear at night, not during the day.

woodpaste – Holes in the floor and roof will be reset. This effect will revert once you return to the title screen.

rawmeatmode – This enables permadeath. If you die, your save file will be deleted. (Entering the code for another mode will turn permadeath off again.)

meatmode – Deactivate any activated cheats.



Veganmode despawns all enemies from the map, with the exception of animals, and cannibals/mutants inside caves.

This mode can be activated at the main menu of the game by simply typing in "veganmode" with no spaces. Do not press enter, do not use any F keys, there will be no notification that it has been activated, only starting the game will show if it worked or not. Known to work on both PC and PS4, however it will only work on PS4 if you have a USB keyboard to type in the code at the main menu.

Deactivate by using the code "meatmode" at the main menu.

By: Lincoln Carter Comment

Basic Tips


When you start the game, you don’t want to stick near the plane for too long. Scavenge everything you can from the area and then move on.

Be sure to build shelter for yourself.

Explore the caves.

Eat before you go to sleep. If you can’t sleep during the night, this might be a sign that mutants are nearby.

Try to make sure you always have some extra food with you, just in case.

A houseboat is effective shelter because you can spend the night offshore.

During the day, you can use a burning effigy to drive away enemies, although they may return.

Mutant patrols often move in particular patterns. If you find an area with heavy patrols, try setting traps along their paths.

You’ll want to craft the Warmsuit as soon as you can. Since it will keep you warm, it reduces how often you’ll need to build a fire. Fires attract enemies, so this is quite valuable.

If you don’t want to fight, you can hide from enemies.

Use the environment to your advantage. For example, if a mutant runs into a firepit, they will catch on fire.

Armor can protect you, but it will also be taken a sign of a threat. If the mutants aren’t hostile toward you yet, consider avoiding the armor until they’re already hostile, or you’ll risk attacks.

Spoiled meat glitch


if you have spoiled meat, equipped it and quickly press drop button. If you did it right, the meat won't drop and will become fresh again if you do this with dried meat it turns to raw.

By: christian Comment
This  glitch  is  easy  and  it  works  thank  you  for  putting  it  up  I  always  would  have  spoilt  meat  in  my  inventory  and  now  I  don't  even  have  to  throw  it  out.
corbin, 1 year ago - Reply

Halo Jump


With certain walls, like rock walls, you can mash the jump button and the player can literally climb up the side of walls. You can do this glitch within the sinkhole. Walk to the side if the cliff and start mashing the jump button, and you will start climbing up the wall. Only seems to work with rock walls related to what the sides of the sinkhole are made of.

By: Wayne18081 Comment

The Red Cannibal Sightings

Easter Eggs

The Red Man, or the Red Cannibal, can be spotted watching you at several locations. However, if you get too close to him, he will leave. The yacht is a common place for him to spawn, but there are many places across the island where it’s possible to spot him.


Easter Eggs

You can find a script for “Charles: The Survival Man,” which appears to be a script for a movie to be recorded in the area. Due to the year and other clues, it seems to be linked to the people on the yacht. While it’s possible it will eventually play a role in the game’s story, right now it appears to be an Easter egg. It may be a reference to the real-world TV show called Survivor.

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