Glitches for The Forest on Playstation 4 (PS4)

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Spoiled meat glitch

if you have spoiled meat, equipped it and quickly press drop button. If you did it right, the meat won't drop and will become fresh again if you do this with dried meat it turns to raw.

By: christian   8 7

Halo Jump

With certain walls, like rock walls, you can mash the jump button and the player can literally climb up the side of walls. You can do this glitch within the sinkhole. Walk to the side if the cliff and start mashing the jump button, and you will start climbing up the wall. Only seems to work with rock walls related to what the sides of the sinkhole are made of.

By: Wayne18081   6 2

Questions and Answers

what  bottem  do  i  need  to  press  for  tap  in  commands  ps4  keyboard  pls  help

Vilads_gamer, 3 months ago

which  key  do  I  have  to  enter  to  write  the  command  in  the  main  menu?

Riccardo Mancari, 1 month ago