Hints for Days Gone on Playstation 4 (PS4)

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All Ambush Camp Locations

There are 14 Ambush Camps with underground bunkers. When you conquer an Ambush Camp, you get a new Crafting Recipe as a reward. It also adds Historical Markers to the map and reveals more of the map, so it’s well-worth finding them.

If you’re having trouble finding the Ambush Camps, use the video guide below to help you find all 14.

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All Infestation Locations

There are 13 total Infestations you can find to burn. This includes both Infestation Nests and the Crier Nests found in later areas. To burn them, you can use fuel canisters, molotovs, or incendiary bolts—anything that will cause the nest to burn.

If you’re having trouble finding all of the nests, use the video guide below to help you find all 13 locations, including the Crier Nests.

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All Camp Guitarists

In Iron Mike’s, the camp found in the Lost Lake region, there are 6 Camp Guitarists who will spawn in the camp between 19:00-22:00 (7 PM to 10 PM). One Camp Guitarist will spawn each evening, so you’ll need to check back each evening to get all 6. Each Camp Guitarist will play a song for you.

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The Colonel's Speeches

In Wizard Island, the camp found in the Crake Lake region, Colonel Garret gives speeches you can listen to. There are 6 total speeches. These become available as you progress through the main story, but if you progress too far, the speeches will no longer be available. Since the speeches are missable, you should always check to see if a new one has become available.

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All Character Collectible Locations

There are 33 Character Collectibles you can find. 7 of them are unlocked automatically during the course of the story, while the others you’ll have to search for. All you have to do is interact with them to get a bit of dialogue.

If you’re having trouble finding all of the Character Collectibles, use the video guide below to help you find the location of each one.

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Marauder Camp quests

There are 10 Marauder Camp quests you can complete. The first two are unlocked automatically, while the remaining eight are from Encampment Job side quests. None of them are missable.

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Anarchist Cairn locations

There are anarchist cairns (rocks stacked on top of one another as markers) scattered throughout the world. You can knock them down, and if you knock down12 of them, you’ll get a trophy. However, there are far more than 12 anarchist cairns in the game.

If you’re having trouble finding them, the video below shows an impressive 36 anarchist cairn locations.

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All Nero Checkpoint Locations

There are 12 Nero Checkpoints. These locations give you a Nero Injector, which boosts your stats, and also serve as fast travel points. To access them, you’ll need to use a fuel canister and sometimes a fuse to open the doors.

If you’re having trouble finding the Nero Checkpoints, use the video guide below to help you find all 12.

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All Nero Research Site Locations

There are 18 Nero Research Sites. While they don’t count as collectibles, they do contain additional Nero Injectors, like the Nero Checkpoints, allowing you to further boost your stats. There are 4 in the Cascade Region, 2 in the Belknap Region, 2 in the Lost Lake Region, 1 in the Iron Butte Region, 5 in the Crater Lake Region, and 4 in the Highway 97 Region.

If you want more Nero Injectors and are having trouble finding all of the Research Sites, us the video guide below to help you find all 18.

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