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Unlock Skills Unlockables

As you level up by defeating enemies and completing missions, you’ll earn Spirit Points. Spirit Points can then be spent in the Skills menu in order to unlock new skills. Skills are split into two skill trees, one for tactical skills and one for combat skills. Here are all of the skills you can unlock:

Tactical Skill Tree

  • Electric Bolts (use bolts to sabotage security cameras, reinforcement doors, and turrets) – Costs 1 Skill Point
  • Expanded Magazine (requires Electric Bolts; lets you carry +1 bolts) – Costs 2 Spirit Points
  • Furtive Hunter I (extra Rage from takedowns) – Costs 1 Skill Point
  • Furtive Hunter II (requires Furtive Hunter I; get Rage from crossbow kills) – Costs 2 Spirit Points
  • Marksmanship I (enter slow motion when detected by enemies) – Costs 1 Skill Point
  • Marksmanship II (requires Marksmanship I; lets you mark & chain-kill multiple enemies when aiming with the crossbow) – Costs 2 Spirit Points
  • Spiritual Link (Penumbra vision lets your Lupus form see distant spirits) – Costs 1 Skill Point
  • Camouflage (requires Spiritual Link; makes it harder for your Lupus form to be seen) – Costs 2 Spirit Points
  • Release the Wolf I (+1 Rage slot) – Costs 1 Skill Point
  • Release the Wolf II (requires Release the Wolf I; +2 Rage slots) – Costs 2 Spirit Points

Combat Skill Tree

  • Spirit of the Fray (lets your Crinos form use Dash attack in the air) – Costs 1 Skill Point
  • Power Stomp (requires Spirit of the Fray; increase damage + area of Stomp) – Costs 2 Spirit Points
  • Regenerative Metabolism (attacks after healing continue to restore health) – Costs 1 Skill Point
  • Wild Strength (requires Regenerative Metabolism; increases power of healing + knocks back enemies while healing) – Costs 2 Spirit Points
  • Silver Purge (requires Wild Strength; can heal half the damage from Silver Bullets) – Costs 4 Spirit Points
  • Roar (knock back enemies) – Costs 1 Skill Point
  • Heavy Leap (requires Roar; leaping deals damage) – Costs 2 Spirit Points
  • Howl of the Wyld (requires Roar; increase damage + area of Roar) – Costs 2 Spirit Points
  • Dance of the Wind (requires Howl of the Wyld; series of unstoppable attacks) – Costs 4 Spirit Points
  • Hunter’s Haste (enemy hits generate more Rage and Fury while in Agile Stance) – Costs 1 Skill Point
  • Heart of the Fury (requires Hunter’s Haste; get a Rage and Fury boost with low health in Agile Stance) – Costs 2 Spirit Points
  • Strength of Will (more health and less damage taken while in Heavy Stance) – Costs 1 Skill Point
  • Protection of Gaia (requires Strength of Will ; health boost plus health regen while in Heavy Stance) – Costs 3 Spirit Points
  • Rush (rush attack) – Costs 1 Skill Point
  • Unstoppable Warrior (requires Rush; more fury generated from Rush attacks) – Costs 3 Spirit Points
  • Balor’s Grasp (requires Unstoppable Warrior; damage and knock down all enemies in front of your Crinos form) – Costs 4 Spirit Points
  • Wind Claws (requires Rush; greater damage and area of Razor) – Costs 3 Spirit Points
  • Incorruptible Fury I (immune to interruption attacks while in Frenzy) – Costs 1 Skill Point
  • Incorruptible Fury II (requires Incorruptible Fury I; successful attacks generate Fury while in Frenzy) – Costs 2 Spirit Points
  • Fae’s Swiftness (requires Incorruptible Fury II; time freezes while entering Frenzy) – Costs 4 Spirit Points
  • Weaver Surge  (adds healing when entering Frenzy) – Costs 1 Skill Point
  • Taste For Flesh (requires Weaver Surge; damaging enemies heals your Crinos form while in Frenzy) – Costs 2 Spirit Points

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