NBA 2K23 Hints on Xbox Series X (XboxSX)

Last Updated: April 21, 2023

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Joining The League


You will be able to choose which NBA team drafts you, allowing you to either select your favorite team or a team on which you will play a bigger role. You'll play Shep in the Summer League championship match right after being selected. Not only can you make Shep look bad, but your coach will also base their game plan on how you perform in the Summer League. You'll get the nickname "sixth man" and be the first option off the bench if you receive an A or higher in the class.

Your progress as an NBA player will largely depend on how well you play in games. Your letter grade performance in the game will increase if you make shots, open up opportunities for others, defend, and don't make errors. Take advantage of the opportunities that the defense presents, and always choose to pass the ball correctly for an easy assist rather than forcing a shot to try to score yourself. 

You won't advance in the league if you commit turnovers, make poor shot selections, and exhibit poor defensive play. Earning MyCareer points will raise your maximum level overall, and virtual currency (VC) is used to directly raise attributes. The best way to earn VC and quickly upgrade your attributes is to complete season goals. Additionally, you'll gain experience points to level up in the Season Pass, which offers a variety of rewards.

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Owning the City


The city refers to the world of the MyCareer hub. In addition to training facilities, news outlets, recording studios, corner stores, tattoo artists, basketball courts, street races, and many other things, this vast metropolis is also home to many other things. In essence, the city is where you establish your reputation both on and off the court. Your in-game performances will increase your fan base and contribute to the development of your reputation in the city, and you'll look for endorsement deals with businesses to gain more currency. Citywide, there are subway stations that serve as quick travel hubs. Running into the subway will cause the menu to appear, allowing you to navigate the area quickly. Brickley's Gym and the Gatorade training facility both offer daily drills that you can complete to earn points toward unlocking badges.

Your team will come up with a plan to overthrow Shep after completing the main mission's introduction, "Welcome To The League." The city was divided into the following four districts: NBA, Fashion, Business, and Music. You may receive beneficial rewards for completing certain off-court tasks, such as virtual currency (VC), badges, or shooting animations that may be helpful on the court. To win over the supporters and ruin Shep's reputation, MP must defeat the boss in each district. Once every district is completed, MP will face off against Shep to take him down. The long road to NBA immortality begins with you defeating your opponent.

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