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Last Updated: April 21, 2023

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Make The Perfect Build


You'll start by changing your player's appearance before we get into how high your three-point shooting rating will be. The numerous hairstyle options in NBA 2K23 are as varied as the finely detailed facial feature scales.

The choice of your player's position will come after you've decided on their appearance. Your ability to modify your player's height and weight based on each position will have a significant impact on your ratings. For players up to 6'10", we found that increasing your player's wingspan does not affect ball-handling skills. To shoot over defenders and cover players on defense, one must have a wide wingspan.

Once your player's physical build is complete, it's time to finish building their attributes. The significance of designing an appropriate build cannot be emphasized enough. To determine how well your player would perform at their maximum level, you will distribute attribute points among various sections. Understanding how to manipulate the system to boost more than one key area is essential because categories highlighted in yellow will all be impacted when the attribute is increased. Make use of the variety of shooting animations to find your ideal fit. It's crucial to pick the right one, whether it comes from your favorite player or was generated at random.

Specific star-player builds might be made, but this is incredibly uncommon. View the potential badges in each important category (finishing, shooting, playmaking, and defense) and make a plan for how you'll unlock them throughout your career. Some bronze badges have no requirements, whereas blacked-out badges can't be unlocked depending on your build. Regardless of what you name your player, they’ll be referred to as MP.

The game will let you know which players most resemble the character you've created before you finish your build. Before moving forward, it is advised to test several builds with the maximum number of attributes.

If you need more guidance on perfecting your build, this video will take you through it step by step

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