NBA 2K21 Unlockables on Xbox Series X (XboxSX)

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Unlock Badges Unlockables

Some badges are unlocked through player progression and as MyRep perks, while others are unlocked by performing moves associated with it. Doing specific types of skills will build XP, which then lets you unlock a related badge. As you continue to use related skills with badges equipped, you can rank them up through different tiers. The highest tier, Hall of Fame, can only be unlocked for the categories you specialize in (that is, the ones you put the most potential points into character creation).

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All MyRep Rewards Unlockables

As you play through MyPlayer, you will improve your reputation and rise up through the ranks with different tiers and titles through the MyRep system. As you reach each tier, you’ll unlock the following rewards.

Rookie 1 – Change your hair color, customize your jersey, wear accessories in the neighborhood, use Tier 1 emotes, and purchase the skateboard, beach cruiser, and scooter.

Rookie 2 – Exclusive arm accessory.

Rookie 3 – Customize the MyCourt backboard.

Pro 1 – Use Tier 2 emotes, neighborhood gameplay animations, purchase legends jerseys, Tier 1 player panels, Low Rider, eyewear, backpacks.

Pro 2 – Iron Wall Badge (set hard screens in the park), exclusive arm accessories.

Pro 3 – Customize the MyCourt scoreboard.

All-Star 1 – Use Tier 3 emotes, Tier 2 player panels, new gameplay animations, Park Handles Badge (park dribble moves available in the neighborhood), purchase hoverboard.

All-Star 2 – Screen Crusher Badge (blow up hard screens), new arm accessories, exclusive eyewear.

All-Star 3 – Customize the MyCourt floor, customize the MyCourt mural, drop beats & perform in the neighborhood, and use your own ball in the neighborhood.

Superstar 1 – Use Tier 4 emotes, go shirtless, new gameplay animations, spin the daily wheel twice, trikes, and tattoos.

Superstar 2 – Nothing Easy Badge (hard fouls at the rim boost your team’s takeover in the neighborhood), Gym Rat Badge (+4 for all your players athleticism stats).

Superstar 3 – Choose entrance into the neighborhood, mini-basketball game at MyCourt, penthouse.

Elite 1 – Use Tier 5 emotes, Tier 3 player panels, and spin the elite wheel.

Elite 2 – Takeover Booster Badge (takeover meter fills faster), create a T-shirt.

Elite 3 – Double VC in MyPlayer modes, mascots, elite clothes, and buy & shoot fireworks.

Legend – Legend player panels, +10 badge points in all categories, and use the helicopter entrance into the park.


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