NBA 2K21 Hints on Xbox Series X (XboxSX)

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Earn VC Fast Hints

To increase your MyPlayer stats, you will need to spend VC. VC can be earned by practicing and playing games. You can also increase stats by visiting the Gatorade Training Facility once a day to run through the training exercises.

If you’re having trouble earning VC, there are a lot of methods you can use to quickly earn VC, including spinning the daily wheels, playing Pro-Am games to rank up, and more. For specific tips on how to earn VC fast, check out the video below.

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New Shot Meter Hints

The shot meter is different now. In past NBA 2K games, you filled up the shot meter bar in order to make your shot. In NBA 2K21, you need to release the stick or button based on yellow markers that are positioned according to where you’re shooting from. This makes it a bit trickier, so you might need to practice to get used to the new system. (Some players may prefer to turn the shot meter off entirely from the options menu in order to focus on the player’s position and jump instead.) If you need some tips on how to use the new shot meter, take a look at the video guide below.


Basic Tips Hints

When you’re in MyCareer mode, you’ll need to pick a build for your character that will specialize in certain areas. Be sure to pick one that fits your intended playstyle. If you aren’t sure, experiment a little first to know how you’ll enjoy playing and then pick your player’s build accordingly.

It’s very easy to have your shots blocked. Whenever possible, try to make your shot from a clear area so that you won’t have to deal with opposing players.

Each player has certain Hot Zones from which they’ll be more likely to score. Spend some time familiarizing yourself with them so that you know how to use their strengths.

Earning VC and badges are very important if you want to do better. Focus on unlocking and upgrading badges, and try to get daily VC whenever you can.


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