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Easy bytes Hints

All u have do is put a resource in the research chamber then turn it on boom


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Basic Tips Hints

When you die, you’ll need to retrieve your items from your backpack to get them back. Items that were in your Terrain Tool slots at the time will be next to the backpack, although you might need to dig to get them back. Your items will remain there until you die again. If you die a second time before retrieving your items, they will be gone.

Use your Terraformer to get materials you’ll need to build, craft, power things, etc. Trading in Scrap at the Trade Platform will also let you get resources.

Keep an eye on your oxygen levels as you travel away from the base. If you oxygen hits zero, you will die. However, you can craft Tethers and connect them to an Oxygenator to allow you to have oxygen with you even as you travel far from the base. If you Tether is blue, that means oxygen is flowing through it. Your Tethers need to be close enough together, or they won’t have oxygen.

Once you get to Novus, you will have access to lithium, which makes it easier to get batteries. Therefore, Novus might be the goal you want to focus on early on, especially if you’re having trouble.

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