ASTRONEER Unlockables on Xbox One (X1)

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Unlock All Suits, Visors, Colors, and Dances Unlockables

Each planet has a purple structure at its core, the Gateway Engine. When you solve the puzzle inside, you will unlock a color palette, either a suit or visor color based on the planet, and a dance, depending on which planet it is. Different planets unlock different rewards.

  • Sylva – Terran Suit and Sylva color palette; Banks Sway dance
  • Desolo – Desolo Visor and Desolo color palette; Mash It Up dance
  • Calidor – Arid Suit and Calidor color palette; Lone Missus dance
  • Vasania – Exotic Suit and Vasania color palette; Breakin’ dance
  • Novus – Novus Visor and Novus color palette; Astro Style dance
  • Glacio – Tundra Suit and Glacio color palette; Dance Nobility dance
  • Atrox – Radiated Suit and Atrox color palette; Crisp Princess dance

If you complete everything, you will also unlock the Galactic Suit, Galactic Visor, and Galactic color palette.

Other suits have been given out as codes during special events, and there are some additional dances tied to achievements, as well.

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