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Last Updated: April 21, 2023

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Avoid Food Waste


In the Dark Age, wasting food is one of the most expensive things you can do. It's important to efficiently harvest the meat from the herdable animals you'll start the game with because they can be easily killed. Your villagers will walk to the closest location that will accept the meat once they have collected enough from an animal. To begin, this is your town center.

However, walking requires time, and during that time, the animal's carcass spoils, reducing the amount of food you can get from it. 

To solve this issue, slaughter your animals right beneath the Town Center, making it easier for your villagers to deliver the meat by just standing up. Put several villagers on a single animal so that they can all share in collecting the meat at the same time.

Use your wood wisely


Farms are one way to obtain food, but it takes wood to construct them. To avoid wasting wood, place farms at the end of the chain. After your herdable animals, go on a hunt for some boars. As soon as you begin shooting arrows at them, they will run after you, so you can lead one of them back to your town center with one villager and then have your other villager attack it to kill it beneath your town center. Go after other nearby animals; you can hunt after them. After you've pursued them, seek out the berries.

If it is possible to construct a mill close to the animals and the berries, do so. Once you are in the berry phase, you can begin constructing farms.

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