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Easy "Lord of the Prance" Trophy/Achievement Unlockables

Follow the steps below to easily get the "Lord of the Prance" trophy/achievement.

  1. Play the "Flies and Spiders" level. When you reach "The Elves of Mirkwood," there should be a path blocked by some mithril bricks. Break them and continue on to find a jacuzzi. Use your fishing rod to get the Dazzle Wig.
  2. Go to Rivendell and jump off the bridge by the lake. You should find a boat. At the center of the lake, there is a mithril chest on the spire. Use an explosive weapon on it to get the schematic for the Mithril Rhythm Stick. Forge it at the Bree blacksmith's shop.
  3. Return to Rivendell and cross the fancy bridge on the eastern side of the city. A door leads into the side of the cliff. Go through the door and play as an elf character. Climb up the rope to find three switches. Once you activate all three, the cage in the room will open and give you the schematic for the Mithril Dance Boots. Forge it at the Bree blacksmith's shop.
  4. Equip all three items.

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