Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town Unlockables on Nintendo Switch

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How to Keep the Horse Unlockables

If you go to the Yodel Ranch and talk to Mugi during the spring, he will send you a horse to take care of it. Talking to the horse will raise its friendship level, and so will brushing it by buying a brush. If the horse’s friendship level is high enough at the end of the year, Mugi will let you keep the horse as a gift instead of taking it back.

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How to Unlock Van Unlockables

To unlock the traveling merchant Van, you must present 30 gifts to the Harvest Goddess that she will like or love. After offering 30 gifts, Van will show up on the next sunny Wednesday afternoon. (However, the game does not tell you that you’ve given 30 gifts or that Van is unlocked, so you might want to keep track yourself to know how close you are.)

He will be outside the player character’s house to meet them. From this point on, Van will sell records at the Inn on Wednesdays from 8 AM to 9 PM and will sell pets at the Rose Plaza on the 15th of every month from noon to 6 PM, as long as it is sunny.

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Get Better Medicine Unlockables

To unlock better medicine available from the Clinic, you will need to ship 50 blue grasses and 50 green grasses.

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