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Last Updated: June 29, 2022
Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town
  • First Released: Oct 16, 2019
  • Ratings: PEGI 12,

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Get Better Medicine


To unlock better medicine available from the Clinic, you will need to ship 50 blue grasses and 50 green grasses.

How to marry the Harvest Goddess


Marrying the Harvest Goddess (who is one of the “hidden” marriage candidates) is more complicated than the other marriages due to the number of requirements you need to meet before you can continue with her. If you’re having trouble marrying the Harvest Goddess, check out the video guide below for help.

Forget-Me-Not Valley

Easter Eggs

There are numerous references to Forget-Me-Not Valley, the setting of Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life and Harvest Moon: DS through character dialogue. These lines were present in the original release as well, most likely because it could connect with A Wonderful Life via the GBA Link Cable. However, it’s sparked hopes among fans that either or both of those games might receive a remake as well.

Fish without using stamina


There is a trick that lets you fish without using up stamina. All you need to do is fish during an event where the game allows you free actions, such as during a festival. You won’t use stamina, so if you fish at this point, you’ll be able to keep fishing as long as you want. When you finish up the event and go home, you’ll keep all your fish and your stamina will be the same as it was before the event started.

Note: since this is an exploit, it is possible that it will be patched. However, it was present in the original version of the game as well.

4:44 glitch/curse

Easter Eggs

If you turn on the TV at exactly 4:44, the game will become stuck in a loop where the dialogue box opens and closes until the player either rotates the analog stick long enough to stop it or resets the game. While it appears to be a glitch, it was actually added intentionally as a scary or “cursed” event due to the number 4 being considered bad luck in Japan (because its pronunciation is the same as “death”).

How to Keep the Horse


If you go to the Yodel Ranch and talk to Mugi during the spring, he will send you a horse to take care of it. Talking to the horse will raise its friendship level, and so will brushing it by buying a brush. If the horse’s friendship level is high enough at the end of the year, Mugi will let you keep the horse as a gift instead of taking it back.

How to Unlock Van


To unlock the traveling merchant Van, you must present 30 gifts to the Harvest Goddess that she will like or love. After offering 30 gifts, Van will show up on the next sunny Wednesday afternoon. (However, the game does not tell you that you’ve given 30 gifts or that Van is unlocked, so you might want to keep track yourself to know how close you are.)

He will be outside the player character’s house to meet them. From this point on, Van will sell records at the Inn on Wednesdays from 8 AM to 9 PM and will sell pets at the Rose Plaza on the 15th of every month from noon to 6 PM, as long as it is sunny.

All Items and All Pets sold by Van


Once you unlock Van, the following items are available to be purchased from him:

Inn – Wednesdays, 8 AM to 9 PM

  • Copper - 150G
  • Silver- 200G
  • Gold - 250G
  • Mithril - 400G
  • Record Player - 2000G
  • Record 1 - 500G
  • Record 2 - 600G
  • Record 3 - 700G
  • Record 4 - 800G
  • Record 5 - 900G
  • Record 6 - 1000G
  • Record 7 - 1100G
  • Record 8 - 1200G
  • Record 9 - 1300G
  • Record 10 - 1400G

Rose Plaza – 15th of each month, sunny weather, noon to 6 PM


  • Shorthair Cat - 20,000G
  • Bengal Cat - 20,000G
  • Calico Cat - 20,000G 


  • Penguin - 30,000G
  • Navy Penguin - 30,000G


  • Mineral Dog - 10,000G
  • Husky - 20,000G
  • Papillon - 20,000G


  • Capybara - 30,000G
  • White Capybara - 30,000G

(Note: you must have a friendship level of at least 8 with your current pets before you can buy a new one.)

Stamina and All Power Berries


If you lose all of your stamina, you will start the next day with less stamina than normal. Stamina can be restored by using medicine, eating food, or resting in the Hot Spring.

It is also possible to increase your maximum stamina by using Power Berries. There are 10 total Power Berries that you can find or unlock throughout the game, starting with the very first one on your farm itself. If you’re having trouble finding all of the Power Berry locations, use the video guide below for help.

Mines - passing of time


When you’re in the mines, time does not pass normally the way it does during other parts of the game. Instead, time will move ahead by a minute every time you change floors in the mine.

Early Ending

Easter Eggs

At the start of the game, you’re asked if you want to become a farmer. If you answer “no,” the credits immediately begin rolling and the game ends.

How to marry a marriage candidate


To start dating a marriage candidate, you’ll need to see a Blue Heart Event, which then activates an event with Jeff on the next time you leave your house on a sunny day (aside from Tuesdays or Sundays) that will unlock the Preserved Flower item.

Give a Preserved Flower to a character you want to date. You’ll need to have reached at least the level of a green heart with them and have seen their first four Heart Events. If so, they’ll accept the gift and you’ll begin dating them, which allows you to see the rest of their Heart Events.

To marry a character, you will need to raise your relationship with them and see all of their Heart Events, until they display a red heart whenever you talk to them. You’ll also need to have upgraded your house all the way to the Big House, and buy the Large Bed.

Once you’ve reached the Red Heart Event with at least one character, you’ll be able to buy a Blue Feather. Present this to the character you want to marry, and if all of the requirements are met, they’ll accept and you’ll hold the wedding seven days later.

Available marriage candidates are:

  • Ann
  • Mary
  • Elli
  • Popuri
  • Karen
  • Harvest Goddess
  • Rick
  • Cliff
  • Doctor
  • Kai
  • Gray
  • Won
  • Gourmet
  • Kappa

In the original game, marriage candidates could only be dated and married by a player character of the opposite sex, but the remake added same-sex marriage options by making all marriage candidates available regardless of gender.

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