The Sinking City Cheats on PlayStation 5 (PS5)

Last Updated: November 20, 2022
The Sinking City
  • First Released: Jun 26, 2019
  • Genres: Adventure
  • Ratings: PEGI 18,

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All Skills


As you get experience, you’ll earn Knowledge Points that you can use to unlock new skills. You earn experience by completing quests, fighting monsters, and visiting new locations.

Skills are divided into three skill threes: Combat Proficiency, Vigor, and Mind.

Combat Proficiency

  • Ankle Bitter – Traps hold enemies for a longer period of time.
  • Trapper – Traps take less time to set up.
  • Hardboiled Detective – Pistol damage is doubled.
  • Trench Sweeper – Shotgun has better spread and deals more damage.
  • Nimble Fingers – Revolver has a faster reloading time.
  • Firm Grip – Submachine Gun accuracy increases.
  • Sharpshooter – Rifle damage is doubled.
  • Leg Cutter – Traps do more damage.
  • Sapper Charge – Grenades and bombs have a higher range.


  • Furtive Lurker – Take less fall damage.
  • Bottomless Packets – Shotgun magazine carries 4 more rounds.
  • Deep Pockets – Revolver magazines carries 6 more rounds.
  • Extra Clip – Pistol magazine carries 7 rounds.
  • Abnormal Endurance – Increases Vitality.
  • Eldritch Endurance – Increases Vitality further.
  • Indigestible – Damage from man-eating eels is halved.
  • Unnatural Recovery – Regenerate some health when your health is low.
  • Lightning Bruiser – Melee attack speed is faster.
  • Field Medic – Lets you carry one more First Aid Kit and Antipsychotic.


  • Absolute Clarity – Earn more experience and stay calm longer.
  • No Charity – 50% chance of getting double the quest rewards.
  • Smart Packing – Limit on the amount of a crafting material you can carry is raised to 25.
  • Crafting Efficiency: Explosives – 15% chance to save materials when crafting explosives.
  • Crafting Efficiency: Supplies – 15% chance to save materials when crafting First Aid Kits, Sanity Kits, and Traps.
  • Effulgent Mind – Stay sane much longer.
  • Deductive Method – Gain more experience.
  • Master Survivalist – 10% chance to save materials when crafting.

Unlock All Weapons


Instead of buying weapons, you will get new weapons as you progress the story and complete quests.

  • Revolver – complete your first case
  • Shotgun – complete “Quid Pro Quo”
  • Battle Rifle – complete “Fathers and Sons”
  • Submachine Gun – complete “Self Defense”

Witcher 3 reference

Easter Eggs

In the mission “Through the Looking Glass,” you will come across a room full of mirrors, as well as a photo of a shifty-looking mirror-maker holding a skull. The mirror-maker’s name is Gaunter Randall. This is a reference to Gaunter O’Dimm from The Witcher 3.

(This is also a reference to the Stephen King character Randall Flagg, whose aliases include Walter O’Dim.)

Bioshock reference

Easter Eggs

One of the suspects listed while looking into the Orion Club is Z.H. Comstock, a reference to Zachary Hale Comstock from Bioshock Infinite.

L.A. Noire reference

Easter Eggs

There is a police officer named Lt. Phelps. This is a reference to L.A. Noire.

Metal Gear Solid reference

Easter Eggs

There is a pin-up poster in a locker with a description saying it reminds Reed of “old Snake’s shenanigans.” This is a reference to the Metal Gear Solid series.

Batman: Arkham Asylum reference

Easter Eggs

The morgue mentions a Jack White who needs to be cremated immediately. Jack White is an alias used by the Joker in Batman: Arkham Asylum.

Tombstone messages

Easter Eggs

Several tombstones have humorous messages and references on them, including

  • “Look mom, I’m on a tombstone!”
  • “No longer has the high ground.”
  • “Yeah, I’m dead. What’s next?”
  • “Forgot to turn god mode on.”
  • “I told you I was ill.”

and many others.

The Big Lebowski reference

Easter Eggs

In the Crematorium, one of the urns says, “Come on, Dude. F**k it, man. Let’s go bowling.” This is a reference to The Big Lebowski, in which the same line is said.

Unlock All endings


There are three possible endings based on your choice at the end of the game:

End the cycle – when you reach the altar, watch the Retrocognition and do what Charles does, placing the seal and then walking to the ledge.

Restart the cycle – when you reach the altar, head left to find another Retrocognition and do what Charles does, placing the seal and then jumping to his death.

Leave the city – when you reach the altar, head right to find another Retrocognition and do what Charles does, placing the seal and then leaving the room.

Save ahead of your decision to see all three endings in a single playthrough.

Unlock All Costumes


There are numerous costumes for you to unlock and wear. Here’s how to get all of them.

  • Newcomer – unlocked by default
  • Wind Coat – unlocked by default
  • Gangster – complete the “Fathers and Sons” story quest
  • King’s Robes – complete the “Fleeing Phoenix” story quest
  • Man of Science – complete the “Rest in Peace” quest
  • Fisherman – complete the “Bounty of the Sea” quest
  • Police Envoy – complete the “Extra Hours” quest
  • Plague Doctor – research the Wylebeast during the “Field Research” quest
  • Master Sleuth – complete the “Assigned Reading” quest
  • Vyshyvanka – complete the “Open House” quest
  • Cultist – complete the “Mystic Tomes” quest (DLC only)
  • Daywear – DLC only

How to Fast Travel


Phone booths are used for fast travel. They aren’t marked on the map until you find them but you should look for a phone booth whenever you enter a new area. However, fast travel points you haven’t found yet will show up on your compass once you’re nearby.

Basic Tips


Keep at least one first-aid kit with you whenever possible.

Pay attention to both your health and your sanity bar.

Avoid combat whenever you can, especially early in the game when you aren’t as prepared for battle.

Choices have story consequences, so save ahead of conversations in case you want to reload and make a different decision.

The game won’t necessarily tell you where to go, so read the descriptions of evidence carefully to decide your next move.

Pay attention to the hobo signs around the city. An H means you can go inside the building, a grid means there’s an item there, and the symbol with an M inside a diamond means it marks an infested area.

Avoid swimming whenever possible—the eels in the water will attack you.

Locations marked with a magnifying glass are important. Explore then and investigate them. You’ll be rewarded with experience for doing so, as well.

If you notice a distortion effect, use Mind’s Eye to see what is there.

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