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Last Updated: January 27, 2023

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  • First Released: Aug 18, 2021
  • Ratings: PEGI 18,
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Quake Cheats


Being an older generation game, Quake gives its players access to the old-school cheat mode. Using the console to enter cheats will give you access to multiple cheats and things that other games have just stopped offering. Here is a list of cheat codes that you can enter in the console(to enter the console, press the tilde(~) key):

Access levels( cheat codes to jump to any level):

  1. Map start - the introduction level, in which you select difficulty and which episode
  2. Map e1m1 - The Slipgate Complex
  3. Map e1m2 - Castle of the Damned
  4. Map e1m3 - The Necropolis
  5. Map e1m4 - The Grisly Grotto
  6. Map e1m5 - Gloom Keep
  7. Map e1m6 - The Door to Chthon
  8. Map e1m7 - The House of Chthon
  9. Map e1m8 - Ziggurat Vertigo (a hidden level)
  10. Map e2m1 - The Installation
  11. Map e2m2 - The Ogre Citadel
  12. Map e2m3 - The Crypt of Decay
  13. Map e2m4 - The Ebon Fortress
  14. Map e2m5 - The Wizard's Manse
  15. Map e2m6 - The Dismal Oubliette
  16. Map e2m7 - The Underearth (a hidden level)
  17. Map e3m1 - Termination Central
  18. Map e3m2 - The Vaults of Zin
  19. Map e3m3 - The Tomb of Terror
  20. Map e3m4 - Satan's Dark Delight
  21. Map e3m5 - The Wind Tunnels
  22. Map e3m6 - Chambers of Torment
  23. Map e3m7 - The Haunted Halls (a hidden level)
  24. Map e4m1 - The Sewage System
  25. Map e4m2 - The Tower of Despair
  26. Map e4m3 - The Elder God Shrine
  27. Map e4m4 - The Palace of Hate
  28. Map e4m5 - Hell's Atrium
  29. Map e4m6 - The Pain Maze
  30. Map e4m7 - Azure Agony
  31. Map e4m8 - The Nameless City (a hidden level)
  32. Map end - Shub-Niggurath's Pit

Cheat Codes:

  1. sv_nostep # - 0 = Unable to go up steps, 1 = Able to go up steps
  2. give ammo - All ammo
  3. give all - All items
  4. r_fullbright 1 - All solid surfaces are bright (cancelled by r_fullbright 0)
  5. give weapons - All weapons
  6. impulse 9 - All Weapons/Items
  7. sv_friction # - Amount of friction when moving
  8. give armor shard - Armour shard
  9. cl_backspeed # - Backward movement speed
  10. Kill - Begin again on current map with original health, weapons, ammo, etc.
  11. give blue key - Blue key
  12. give armor - Body armour
  13. give bodyarmor - Body armour
  14. give combat armor - Combat armour
  15. give commander's head - Commander's head
  16. Notarget - Enemies Can't See You
  17. Fly - Fly Mode
  18. cl_forwardspeed # - Forward movement speed
  19. impulse 11 - gives 1 rune (do it 4 times for all)
  20. give C # - Gives charge amount of entered # (0 to 255)
  21. give H # - Gives health amount of entered # (0 to 32767)
  22. give N # - Gives nail amount of entered # (0 to 255)
  23. give R # - Gives rocket amount of entered # (0 to 255)
  24. give S # - Gives shell amount of entered # (0 to 255)
  25. give # - Gives weapon to entered # (1 to 8:1=Axe, 2=Shotgun, 3=Super Shotgun, 4=Nailgun, 5=Super Nailgun, 6=Grenade Launcher, 7=Rocket Launcher, 8=Thunderbolt)
  26. God - God Mode
  27. Givehealth - Health
  28. cl_rollangle # - How much the screen will angle when strafing
  29. give invulnerability - Invulnerability
  30. sv_maxspeed # - Maximum speed when moving
  31. Noclip - No Clip (go through walls)
  32. give power cube - Power cube
  33. give power shield - Power shield
  34. impulse 255 or impulse -1 - quad damage mode
  35. give red key - Red key
  36. give security pass - Security pass
  37. skill # - Set skill to # (# is 0 to 3: 0=Easy, 1=Normal, 2=Hard, 3=Nightmare)
  38. sv_gravity # - Sets the gravity to #
  39. give slugs - Slugs
  40. cl_sidespeed # - Strafing movement speed
  41. sv_stopspeed # - Time it takes to stop moving

Secret Hidden Message

Easter Eggs

If you were to find your way to the Nightmare selection portal, take some time to shoot the decoration next to it. Doing this will display a hidden message. The message pays tribute to those who played the Beta version of the game. These players will remember that the Well of Wishes used to be located in the tutorial.

If you are a fan of the band, you might notice that all the boxes of nails in the game bear the Nine Inch Nails Logo. This is a nod to the band because Trent Reznor of the band worked on Quakes music and sound effects.

The Well of Wishes and Dopefish

Easter Eggs

In the Crypt of Decay, if you were to explore a bit, you might come across a secret area. In this secret area, you will notice that there is a Dopefish that lives there. The name of this area as well as the textures used in it is a nod towards ID Softwares earliest game series, Commander Keen. In Commander Keen 4: Secret of the Oracle, the well of wishes is an underwater level that you would play through.

The chamber of Initials

Easter Eggs

If you were to find yourself playing the Underneath and end up shooting all of the gargoyle heads, you will notice that a corridor with flashing lights appears for you to walk through. Through this corridor, you will enter a room that bears the initials of Tim Willits and his sister, Theresa Chasar, as well as the Doom Logo.

Weapons to unlock


In Quake, you will notice that there are multiple types of weapons that you will find and be able to use, here is a list of the weapons and the damage that they can inflict upon your enemies:

  • Axe - 20 damage every 0.5 seconds, and is short range.
  • Shotgun -  24 damage every 0.5 seconds at short range, divided among the 6 pellets (4 damage per pellet).
  • Double shotgun - 56 damage every 0.7 seconds divided among 14 pellets (4 damage per pellet).
  • Nailgun - Fires a nail every 0.1 seconds for 9 damage.
  • Super Nailgun - 2 nails every 0.1 seconds inflict 18 damage.
  • Grenade launcher - Launches a grenade in a ballistic arc every 0.6 seconds, which inflicts between 100-120 damage on a direct hit. Otherwise, it detonates after 2.5 seconds for 120 damage.
    To grenade jump, you need to fire your grenade then stand on it. Just before it detonates, press jump and the following explosion will propel you into the air.
  • Rocket launcher - Launches a rocket in a flat trajectory every 0.8 seconds, which inflicts between 100-120 damage on a direct hit, and splashes for up to 120 damage.
    To rocket jump, press jump and immediately fire a rocket. The explosion will propel you high into the air.
  • Thunderbolt - Inflicts 30 damage per cell.

Items to Unlock


Quake offers a variety of items for you to find throughout the game, here is a list of things to keep your eyes out for:

  • Health - Appears in 15, 25, and 100-point packages.
  • Armor - Comes in three forms:
    • Green armor absorbs 30% damage and resists up to 100 points.
    • Yellow armor absorbs 60% damage and resists up to 150 points.
    • Red armor absorbs 80% damage and resists up to 200 points.
  • Shells - Provides wither 20 or 40 shells for the shotguns.
  • Nails - Provides 25 or 50 nails.
  • Rockets - Contains 5 or 10 rockets.
  • Cells - Contains 6 or 12 cells.
  • Quad Damage - You inflict four times as much damage for 30 seconds.
  • Pentagram of Protection - Negates health damage; armor is still stripped away from hits.
  • Ring of Shadows - Provides invisibility for 30 seconds.
  • Biosuit - Prevents drowning damage or damage from swimming in slime. You still take damage in lava, but it is slowed significantly.
  • Ammo packs - Ammunition packs are dropped by players in Coop or Deathmatch when they are killed.

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