Gotham Knights Easter Eggs on PlayStation 5 (PS5)

Last Updated: April 21, 2023

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The Hidden Secrets of Gotham Knights

Easter Eggs

There are hidden bits of information in the heroes' email accounts, such as an email conversation between Barbara, Cara Danvers, and Dinah Lance.

The game is not set in the Arkham universe. Thus, it explores new locations, including a different Arkham Asylum.

In the Belfry, players can find a variety of Easter eggs, including a tote bag with the Wonder Woman logo and a poster of Black Canary. 

Fans of the Arkham games may not know that Barbara Gordon has returned as Batgirl due to experimental surgery, which allowed her to walk and fight crime again.

A media kit was sent out a year before the game's release and included a masquerade invitation, a court of owls mask, and a sample of the Gotham Gazette. The front page had the news of Bruce Wayne's death, and the back half had hidden references, such as an angry letter from the Riddler.

There are other Easter eggs in the game, including "Scarface in the Flesh" in the GCPD's evidence lockup, the bat signal, and a poster for the Gray Ghost movie.

Early in the game, players learn that Batman and Commissioner Gordon have died, and the GCPD has become more ruthless and anti-vigilante under Commissioner Catherine Kane (Batwoman).

The files in the GCPD's bullpen detail what they know about the heroes and why they haven't been able to apprehend them. The GCPD believes that Dick Grayson is too talented and acrobatic and that Red Hood is the most dangerous and violent. They also think that every Robin is the same person. 

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