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Last Updated: April 21, 2023

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Complete Suit Guide


To access the Night Watch and Beyond Style suits, purchase the Deluxe Edition or get them as separate upgrades in the digital store. Every hero will receive a heroic piece as part of Beyond Style. You can also earn the Beyond-Style gear item by completing the crafting challenges.

To glide, you need to have the Knighthood skill tree. Completing challenges will unlock the Titan suit style, which must be done for each character individually.

You can craft the Metal, Neon Noir, Privateer, and Eternal suits using the blueprints you get from defeating enemies.

The Year-One suits, along with accompanying gear pieces, can be unlocked by collecting all 60 batarangs in Gotham.

The Night Ops suits are tied to a side objective and can be unlocked by collecting all the Batman caches, which are marked on the map with icons.

The Talon suits are unlocked by finding different types of caches, which are not marked on the map but are scattered throughout the world.

Upon completing the main story, players may receive the elusive Knighthood suits.

The Shinobi and Demon suits are the final craftable suits ad will be earned near the end of the game before completing the main story.

JorRaptor shows you how to get the suits.

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