Shadow Man Remastered Cheats on Playstation 4 (PS4)

Last Updated: June 11, 2022
Shadow Man Remastered
  • First Released: Apr 14, 2021

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Duppie Jump advantage


A player must press jump, immediately after they have pressed jump they must pause the game. The player must then go into the "secrets'' menu and scroll down and select "duppie'' and turn it on.

A player must then unpause the game and land from their jump. The player must then pause the game and go into their secrets menu again and scroll down to the “duppie” option. 

The player must then click on and off multiple times. Each time the player clicks ‘on’ and ‘off’ it will add an extended height to their jump.

This glitch will work with any secret that will alter a player's appearance but does not work with altered secrets such as added effects or lighting such as “Flamed Grilled.”

Cadeaux Man shows a player a jumping glitch.

Breaking the Veve Floor


Enter the Temple of Blood and break through doors to get to a passageway. Once a player walks down the passageway they will come to a square room where there is a dead end.

In the room, the player must go to the opposite wall from the entrance and jump up. Once a player has jumped up they will be holding on to a wall and a floor will appear above them.

Half the player's body will not appear on the screen. The player must now pause the game and go into their secrets menu and scroll to the option called “Big Heads”. The player must turn the option ‘on’ and ‘off’ multiple times.

The player must now unpause the game and drop down. The player must now jump up and grab on the same wall. The Veve floor will then shatter and break. 

Cadeaux man shows a player a glitch that he discovered in Shadowman Remastered.

Big head, comedy shoes and disco mode secrets


Players must find the secrets that are hidden at different locations and on different levels. Once a player unlocks all the secrets they can unlock cheats. The cheats can be found in the "Secrets" section of the "Main Menu". 

Area 51 (UFOs) & Book of Shadows

A player will find the Area 51 UFO and Book of Shadows on the “Deadside: Marrow Gates” level. At the start of the level, a player must move to the left and find a blood waterfall. There the player must climb up the waterfall and proceed to open up the Shadow level 10 Coffin gate. The player will find the secret at that location.

Big Head Mode

A player must load onto the Cathedral of pain level and will find the Big Head Mode secret down a shaft. The player must drop down the shaft and land on a bed of lava.

The player must then find the spinning blades and locate a pole with a hole in it. The secret will be discovered when the player drops down the hole on the left hand side.

Comedy Shoes

The “Comedy Shoes” secret is found on the “Mordant St. NY” level. A player must first restore the power on the level. After a player has restored the power they must go up to the third level.

Once a player is on the third level, they must go through the door and turn right. The secret will be located once the player double jumps across two boards.

Disco Mode

On the “Gardelle County Jail” level. A player will fight a helicopter and will have to destroy it. After a player has destroyed the helicopter they must find a tunnel. The secret will appear on the right of the entrance to this tunnel.

Shaito Shion shows a player how to find a these secrets.

Flame on and trippy secrets


Flame On Mode 

The “Flame On Mode” secret is found on the level called “Flambeau”. A player must find the blood pool room and get to the top. 

Once the player has reached the top of the room, they must enter a passageway and use a Flambeau on a skin door. The passageway will lead a player to the secret.

An alternative way for a player to find the “Flame On Mode” is on the level called “Temple Of Fire”.

The player must first locate the room with the pool of blood.  It will appear near the two blood waterfalls and there will be two walkways going around the room. 

The player must go up one walkway and then shoot a panel to open a passageway. The player must go inside the passageway and walk up a ramp. 

Once a player has walked up the ramp, they must jump on a railing that is located on the left. The player must then jump towards a hallway that appears in the wall. The secret will be located in the hallway.

Trippy Mode

The “Trippy Mode” secret is found on the “Asylum: Gateway” level. A player must locate a bridge and drop down to the left of the bridge.

There a player must follow a path until they find a room that has a Govi and some boxes in it.

The player must then climb up to roof of the room and there they will locate the secret.

Cadeaux man shows a player where to locate each secret and how to use the cheats thereafter.

Piston Skip


This is a trick that is reliant on a player's movement of their mouse and using an angle. A player must position themselves in a corner and aim their character at a door. The player must then do a double strafe jump towards the front of a ledge.

As the player is in the air after the player does the second jump, they must move their mouse to the right. The player will land on top of the slope and they must jump forward.

THiEF_HD209 shows a player some tips and tricks to play Shadowman Remastered.

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