Shadow Man Remastered Glitches on Playstation 4 (PS4)

Last Updated: June 11, 2022

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Duppie Jump advantage Glitches

A player must press jump, immediately after they have pressed jump they must pause the game. The player must then go into the "secrets'' menu and scroll down and select "duppie'' and turn it on.

A player must then unpause the game and land from their jump. The player must then pause the game and go into their secrets menu again and scroll down to the “duppie” option. 

The player must then click on and off multiple times. Each time the player clicks ‘on’ and ‘off’ it will add an extended height to their jump.

This glitch will work with any secret that will alter a player's appearance but does not work with altered secrets such as added effects or lighting such as “Flamed Grilled.”

Cadeaux Man shows a player a jumping glitch.


Breaking the Veve Floor Glitches

Enter the Temple of Blood and break through doors to get to a passageway. Once a player walks down the passageway they will come to a square room where there is a dead end.

In the room, the player must go to the opposite wall from the entrance and jump up. Once a player has jumped up they will be holding on to a wall and a floor will appear above them.

Half the player's body will not appear on the screen. The player must now pause the game and go into their secrets menu and scroll to the option called “Big Heads”. The player must turn the option ‘on’ and ‘off’ multiple times.

The player must now unpause the game and drop down. The player must now jump up and grab on the same wall. The Veve floor will then shatter and break. 

Cadeaux man shows a player a glitch that he discovered in Shadowman Remastered.


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