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  • Ratings: PEGI 18,
  • First Released: Apr 23, 2020

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Alien reference? Hints

There is a predator corpse in one mission with its chest cavity opened up that some fans initially took to be an Alien easter egg, signifying a chestburster. However, it is more likely that it is intended to be the result of an autopsy or dissection.


Predator Bones Easter Eggs

It is possible to find a dig site with Predator bones, including a skull.


Unlock All Weapons Unlockables

For the Predator, numerous weapons and other useful items are unlocked as you level up. The Predator can equip one primary and one secondary weapon at a time. Any weapon can be used as either, but you can’t take two of the same weapon.

  • Healing Kit – default
  • Elder Sword – Level 9
  • Net Gun –  Level 15
  • Audio Decoy – Level 17
  • Hand Held Plasma Cutter – Level 23
  • Smart Disc – Level 27
  • War Club – Level 31
  • Bear Trap – Level 34
  • Yautja Bow – Level 38
  • Combistick – Level 42
  • Motion Detector – Level 44

For the Fireteam members, there are multiple categories of primary weapons and multiple categories of secondary weapons, as well as other useful items. They are also unlocked as you level up.

Primary Weapons

  • QR-4 (assault rifle) – default
  • ABR-Z (sniper rifle) – default
  • G-Row (assault rifle) – Level 10
  • SAWZ-50 (sniper rifle) – Level 27
  • RP-103 (LMG) – Level 29
  • AR-W (assault rifle) – Level 32
  • GOSL-R (assault rifle) – Level 51
  • D34-D (Grenade Launcher) – Level 54
  • 7EN (sniper rifle) – Level 58

Secondary Weapons

  • GRIMTECH 19 (pistol) – default
  • DJL-33 (shotgun) – default
  • PDW-Z (submachine gun) – default
  • 1011-12 (pistol) – Level 4
  • ZR-55 (submachine gun) – Level 16
  • XDB-12 (shotgun) – Level 24
  • 2XL (pistol) – Level 40
  • Z-06 (submachine gun) – Level 45
  • CS-12 (shotgun) – Level 65
  • S-R3D (minigun) – Level 68


  • Frag Grenade – default
  • Field Syringe – default
  • Flashbang – Level 5
  • Ammo Bag –  Level 13
  • Medical Kit – Level 21
  • Smoke Grenade – Level 37
  • Noise Maker – Level 48
  • Thermal Decoy – Level 62


How to Find Tapes Hints

As you play, there is a chance that a tape will appear. There are currently a total of 39 OWLF tape recordings able to be found in the game, 20 that were available at launch, and 19 more that were added in an update. These tapes expand the story and lore of the game and can be picked up either as a team member or a Predator.

They spawn randomly, so there isn’t a guaranteed method to find the tapes. Additionally, they are fairly rare.

If you find one, you’re only able to carry either a tape or the stack of Veritanium, not both. Additionally, you must evacuate with the tape in your possession. If you die, you will lose it.

Playing custom private matches are a good way to search for the tapes. For some tips on how to quickly get the tapes, check out the video below.


Basic Tips Hints

Stealth is important no matter which side you’re on. Fireteam members will want to use mud to hide their thermal signatures from Predators, while Predators will want to observe their targets and make sure they can get away before striking.

If you’re on the Fireteam, stay within view of your teammates. You don’t want to be so close that the Predator can take you out at once, but you want to be nearby in case a teammate needs help.

Keep an eye on the trees as a Fireteam member. As a Predator, consider dropping out of the trees to attack from the ground since your enemies know the trees are a threat.

The Fireteam’s goal is to survive. That means you should fight to defend yourselves,  but not necessarily try to take the Predator down.

If you do down the Predator, a self-destruct sequence will begin. Be sure you get out of the blast radius.

AI enemies are another threat to watch out for. Don’t lower your guard. Meanwhile, the Predator might consider stirring up the AI to cause a distraction and extra danger to the Fireteam.

Choose Perks to suit your playstyle and play accordingly. Different Perks give different advantages and therefore favor different strategies.

Get to know the map. No matter which side you’re on, having a good idea of your surroundings will be a huge advantage.


Unlock All Perks Unlockables

As you play and level up, you’ll unlock perks that you can equip for beneficial effects. You have three perk slots, but each perk also costs points.

Predators can equip perks up to a limit of 12 points.

  • Branch Master (1 point) – default; faster movement in trees
  • Clotted (1 point) – default; increased Blood Trail intervals
  • Energy Cell (3 points) – default; increased Energy Reserves
  • Impenetrable (3 points) – default; decreased damage received from bullets
  • Large Pouch (2 points) – default; increased number of gear uses
  • Light Bender (2 points) – default; decreased Cloak energy use
  • Medic (3 points) – default; faster med kit healing speed
  • Modified Reserve (2 points) – default; increased energy regen speed
  • Resourceful (2 points) – default; increased exp from all sources
  • Spectral Awareness (2 points) – default; increased sound indicators in Vision Mode
  • Dithered Lens (3 points) – Level 6; reduced Plasma Cutter visibility
  • Fearless (4 points) – Level 12; increased melee damage
  • Cooling Syncs (4 points) – Level 16; decreased cooldown on Energy Overloads
  • Long Jump (4 points) – Level 21; increased Leap distance
  • Down Range (3 points) – Level 26; increased ranged damage
  • Height Advantage (1 point) – Level 29; decreased damage received while in trees
  • Impatient (2 points) – Level 33; faster Second Wind recharge speed
  • Hanging On (2 points) – Level 41; increased Second Wind duration
  • Observant (4 points) – Level 49; see footprints of mudded enemies
  • Adrenal Boost (3 points) – Level 54; faster stamina & energy recovery speed
  • Protection (3 points) – Level 58; decreased damage received from Bio Mask
  • Trapper (3 points) – Level 62; improved traps
  • Ascender (1 point) – Level 68; faster mounting speed
  • Heated (2 points) –  Level 71; decreased energy use of Vision Mode
  • Fast Hands (1 point) – Level 77; faster speed for switching weapons/gear

Fireteam members can equip perks up to a limit of 9 points.

  • Action Hero (1 point) – default; increased hip fire accuracy
  • Efficient (3 points) – default; increased exp from all sources
  • Flesh Ripper (2 points) – default; increased damage to AI
  • Gearhead (5 points) – default; increased number of gear uses
  • Multi Tasker (1 point) – default; increased ADS movement speed
  • Persistent (4 points) – default; allows one extra down before death
  • Prepper (3 points) – default; increased damage to starting weapon
  • Shuffler (1 point) – default; increased movement speed while down
  • Sludge Blood (1 point) – default; increased time before bleeding out
  • Thick Skin (4 points) – default; increased overall health
  • Dexterous (3 points) – default; increased interaction speed
  • Heavy Hitter (3 points) – Level 8; increased melee damage
  • Double Time (3 points) – Level 14; increased movement speed
  • Pig in Shit (5 points) – Level 19; increased mudding speed and mud duration
  • Yautja’s Bane (6 points) – Level 26; increased damage to Yautja
  • Tracker (4 points) – Level 30; increased duration of Predator Spot
  • Ice Cold (4 points) – Level 34; decreased thermal body temperature (more difficult to be spotted by Vision Mode)
  • Body Armor (2 points) – Level 39; decreased damage from AI
  • OWLF Trained (4 points) – Level 46; decreased damage from Predator
  • Weapons Training (2 points) – Level 52; decreased weapon recoil
  • Quick Release (2 points) – Level 56; faster reload speed
  • Silent (3 points) – Level 60; decreased sound from movement
  • Sixth Sense (2 points) – Level 64; automatically detect Predator traps within range
  • Iron Lungs (3 points) – Level 69; faster regen and exhaustion recovery
  • Fast Hands (2 points) – Level 73; faster speed for switching weapons/gear


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