Pocky & Rocky Reshrined Cheats on Playstation 4 (PS4)

Last Updated: April 21, 2023
Pocky & Rocky Reshrined
  • Category: Main Game
  • First Released: Apr 20, 2022
  • Genres: Shooter, Arcade
  • Themes: Action, Fantasy
  • Ratings: PEGI 7, ESRB E10

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Manipulate Shop Items


The 50-coin and 100-coin shops give you different items that depend on what the last number of the coin counter is:

  • Last digit is 4 or 9, get a komainu in the 50-coin shops
  • Last digit is 4 or 9, get a 1-up in the 100-coin shops
  • Last digit is 0 or 5, get maxed out blue weapon
  • Last digit is 1 or 6, get maxed out red weapon
  • Last digit is 2 or 7, get maxed out green weapon
  • Last digit is 3 or 8, get an omamori 

All of the Unlockables for Pocky and Rocky


  • Extra Easy mode - you need to collect 3 000 thousand coins
  • Free Mode - you need to collect 10 000 coins or complete the story mode once
  • Hotaru Gozen - you need to complete the story mode at least twice 
  • Unlock the Co-Op Mode - enter this sequence with the D-pad on the mode select screen: This will allow you to play co-op in free mode - this will only unlock Pocky and Rocky, but none of the other characters

Beginner Tips for Pocky and Rocky Reshrined


  • Don’t get Disheartened - finishing the first story mode is relatively easy, but it may get a bit discouraging when your hearts deplete every time they are attacked. When you find yourself lacking hearts, you can find more in hereby picnic baskets. 
  • Co-Op mode can crush enemies -  go to the main menu, and you will be able to access the Co-Op mode through Free Mode. Beginner players will find being able to play through the game with a partner will allow Pocky and Rocky to move through the story mode at a much faster pace.
  • Deflect attacks from the enemy - this basic and often underrated melee move is a great alternative to the different attacks, and it will allow you to throw your enemies at the surrounding monsters to cause major damage. Rocky uses his tail to deflect, while Pocky uses a wooden stick.
  • Use the Protective Shields - you can grab protective shields in the game, and this will help them to stay alive for longer, especially when facing the flames, three-eyed giants, and mischievous birds.
  • Unlock Extra Easy Mode - this is always the best option for beginners and can be done when you collect at least 3000 coins. The easiest way to achieve this is by switching between white paper attacks and fire attacks when killing monsters.
  • Use the Environment to Plan attacks - in different stages like The Enchanted Forest and The Haunted Shrine. You can use different objects in the environment to help them stay alive, like standing behind brick walls. Picking up unbreakable items and holding them up against different enemies will help you avoid deadly blows, especially against the lady with the elongated neck.
  • Use the Special Ability when Surrounded - beginner players can find defeating the candles, clouds, and skeletons difficult because of the sheer number of them, so when you find yourself outnumbered, this is when it’s best to use the special abilities. Pocky’s special ability will allow her to blow up many enemies in one blast by detonating bombs all around her. Rocky releases leaves, which will attack enemies from all different angles. 
  • Always look for the Purple Fairy - Pocky and Rocky will be granted powers every time the purple fairy appears, but she can be difficult for beginner players to spot, so keep an eye out for her.
  • During Different Stages, change your Weapons - the aim is to get weapon drops from the surrounding enemies, and using different weapons will allow for this to happen frequently throughout the different stages of the game.
  • Surround the Golden Goblet - this is the first major boss you need to fight, and he has several different forms, so it does take quite a bit of practice. Try and remember his attacks and moves.
    • First form - he rolls and spits golden beans at you. Stand diagonally across from the goblet and quickly launch.
    • Second form - the golden goblet will charge at you and cannot be blocked. You will need to curve around the goblet while attacking to evade him.

Try to spend your coins before they hit the maximum - once you hit 999 coins, the game will start to track how many coins you have. 

Game Modes


Pocky and Rocky support 6 languages; English, German, French, Korean, Japanese, and Chinese. There are two main game modes, Story Mode and Free Play Mode. For both modes, you can choose different difficulties.

For story mode, you can choose super easy, normal, or Hard. To play super easy, you have to unlock it with 3000 coins. In super easy mode, you don't count the number of lives, and you have infinite reincarnation. 

Before you can play free mode, you need to complete story mode. You can play free mode on any difficulty level.

Game Front explains the game modes.

Good to know


Enemy bullets can be returned by melee attacks. You can use this to cause more damage. You need to know which attacks your character can handle first.

When you begin stage one, find the place where enemies spawn. You can earn 300 coins here. 

At the end of a level, all your coins will be counted. If you collect over 999, your coins won't be counted. To collect extra, play stage 1 again.

Game plan


Start by completing. Once you have completed Story Mode, Free mode will unlock as well as the hidden characters. Next, finish fee mode. Notice that each character performs differently. Try completing free mode with different characters. 

Use stronger characters to improve your ability if the game proves to difficult at first. Once you have reached ‘no continue,’ you should manage the hard difficulty well.

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