NBA 2K14 Hints on Playstation 4 (PS4)

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How to Pick and Roll Hints

One of the best strategies you can use in NBA 2K14 is the pick and roll. If you hold down the circle button, you can use a slip, a roll, or a fade as a part of your strategy.

A slip is when the player runs toward the man who has the ball, but doesn't block the defender. Instead, he turns and runs to the basket, where he can catch the ball. This is especially effective for quick players, but since it involves a feint, slower players can also use it to their advantage.

If you hold the circle button down longer, the player will turn their slip into a roll. A roll is when the player blocks the defender who has marked the man with the ball, and the player then runs to the basket. This can open up the lane, give you a path to the basket, or draw defenders away from other players. You can use other strategies with a roll as well. It is a very useful move that can open up many possibilities.

Hold down the circle button even longer, and the player will transition their roll into a fade. After the player blocks the defender, he will turn and run across the basket, not toward it. A fade will often give the player an opportunity to catch and shoot the ball from an open space, so it is most effective when he is a center or power forward that can shoot from a medium or long distance away.

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Draft Teams Hints

In the draft it's already set up for which team you go to, depending on which position you choose.

I don't know why. but whenever I make a shooting guard I always get picked by the Jazz and if I make a point guard its usually the Trail Blazers.

Then when I make a big man it's usually to the Phoenix Suns and lastly when I made a small forward I got to the 76ers (the team I wanted), but after the first season your team gets LeBron James and you get moved to shooting guard and eventually you switch teams.

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Get Free Agent Cheaply Hints

When a free agent declines your offer in My GM and stays, if you keep sending the same offer over and over again he will accept it. Keep in mind that this will not work during the post-season or off-season but it will work for free agents in the middle of the season. However, for example if Paul George was released, you would NOT be able to sign him for 490K (minimum contract) with this trick. He would say that he is insulted by the offer and leave.

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Goal Tending Hints

Don't intercept a ball close to the basket until it has bounced off the rim, or it will be considered "goal tending" and the other team will score.

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Earn Virtual Currency Easily Hints

You can use the iOS and Android app "myNBA2K14" to earn additional Virtual Currency for your game. Download the official app from 2K Sports, start it up, and enter your username and password to link it to your game. Every day you turn on the app, you will get VC, so check in daily. You can also predict the outcomes of real-world games to earn more you will get 50 VC for each correct prediction you make.

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Defensive Strategy Hints

If you're going to use a defensive strategy, you should use a character that is fairly tall, to block shots from tall players and have a better chance of catching the rebound. Keep the basket well-defended, and try to cover all opposing players, but you can break formation if it's necessary to stop the other team from scoring a 3-point shot. Try to keep your opponents distracted. They only have 24 seconds to make their shot, so put pressure on them to make them run out of time.


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