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  • Genre: Sport
  • Platforms: Xbox 360,PlayStation 3,PlayStation Network (PS3),PC,Xbox One,PlayStation 4
  • Developer: Visual Concepts
  • Publisher: 2K Sports
  • Ratings: PEGI 3, ESRB E
  • First Release (Any platform):

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Zero Gravity Dunk Package

Enter the code "2K+SPRITE" (without the "" marks) in the locker code section and you'll unlock Sprite Zero Gravity dunk for MyPlayer. Enjoy!

  47 10

Random Cheat Code

N14PS-71Y6R-ZV92E-F7FPI-QPNXC - grants you a random reward, including dunk packages, items, and VC.

Note: this cheat may be deactivated from time to time by 2K Sports. More info...

  40 5

Cheat Codes

Note that some of these codes will expire over time!

From the menu, go to "Features," and then to "Locker Codes." Enter the following codes to unlock the effect you want.

  • SLPERBIRTOEN - Hang Time dunk package for MyCareer
  • HARRISONSLAM - Harrison Barnes dunk package for MyCareer
  • SPRITEBUBBLES - Lift Off dunk for MyCareer
  • N14PS-I1VEP-YAXJ8-U2BFX-KRI1L - The Big Show dunk package for MyCareer
  • N14PS-FW6YJ-FGYUB-DVMMY-JPVQT - random clothing
  • N14PS-B6LTY-1VVNQ-EEA5M-8PPZD - Silver Pack for MyTeam
  • N14PS-Q1F7W-Z178U-LANR7-5M33Y - Gold Pack for MyTeam
  • Thank2kgivings! - 2,000 VC
  • N14PS-EXCA9-J1VC1-LEGHF-8U29H - 3,000 VC
  • payrespect - ABA basketball
  • #IGGY9NBAPLAYOFFS - Ruby Andre Iguodala (This code will expire when the Golden State Warriors are eliminated from the playoffs)

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Infinite SP (Level 99 MyPlayer)

First, gather about 310-320 SP. Next, find a signature jump shot that costs 300 SP.

Now simply buy it, and if the 2K gods smile on you, you will have a negative amount of SP.

Buy anything else, and you can, so simply buy everything! (I personally did it with 315 SP, and it worked).

Enjoy your utter domination!

By: Accj21   28 7


How to Pick and Roll

One of the best strategies you can use in NBA 2K14 is the pick and roll. If you hold down the circle button, you can use a slip, a roll, or a fade as a part of your strategy.

A slip is when the player runs toward the man who has the ball, but doesn't block the defender. Instead, he turns and runs to the basket, where he can catch the ball. This is especially effective for quick players, but since it involves a feint, slower players can also use it to their advantage.

If you hold the circle button down longer, the player will turn their slip into a roll. A roll is when the player blocks the defender who has marked the man with the ball, and the player then runs to the basket. This can open up the lane, give you a path to the basket, or draw defenders away from other players. You can use other strategies with a roll as well. It is a very useful move that can open up many possibilities.

Hold down the circle button even longer, and the player will transition their roll into a fade. After the player blocks the defender, he will turn and run across the basket, not toward it. A fade will often give the player an opportunity to catch and shoot the ball from an open space, so it is most effective when he is a center or power forward that can shoot from a medium or long distance away.


Draft Teams

In the draft it's already set up for which team you go to, depending on which position you choose.

I don't know why. but whenever I make a shooting guard I always get picked by the Jazz and if I make a point guard its usually the Trail Blazers.

Then when I make a big man it's usually to the Phoenix Suns and lastly when I made a small forward I got to the 76ers (the team I wanted), but after the first season your team gets LeBron James and you get moved to shooting guard and eventually you switch teams.

By: Dman23   3

Get Free Agent Cheaply

When a free agent declines your offer in My GM and stays, if you keep sending the same offer over and over again he will accept it. Keep in mind that this will not work during the post-season or off-season but it will work for free agents in the middle of the season. However, for example if Paul George was released, you would NOT be able to sign him for 490K (minimum contract) with this trick. He would say that he is insulted by the offer and leave.

By: CNM 12   1 2

Goal Tending

Don't intercept a ball close to the basket until it has bounced off the rim, or it will be considered "goal tending" and the other team will score.

  1 1

Defensive Strategy

If you're going to use a defensive strategy, you should use a character that is fairly tall, to block shots from tall players and have a better chance of catching the rebound. Keep the basket well-defended, and try to cover all opposing players, but you can break formation if it's necessary to stop the other team from scoring a 3-point shot. Try to keep your opponents distracted. They only have 24 seconds to make their shot, so put pressure on them to make them run out of time.


Earn Virtual Currency Easily

You can use the iOS and Android app "myNBA2K14" to earn additional Virtual Currency for your game. Download the official app from 2K Sports, start it up, and enter your username and password to link it to your game. Every day you turn on the app, you will get VC, so check in daily. You can also predict the outcomes of real-world games to earn more you will get 50 VC for each correct prediction you make.

  2 1


Elite Player's Signature Skills

Here's the five signature skills for the players listed below. Only players considered "elite" have five signature skills.

Kemba Walker

Rating: 83

Team: Charlotte Bobcats


  1. Charge Card
  2. Pick & Roll Maestro
  3. Finisher
  4. Pick Pocket
  5. Acrobat

Derrick Rose

Rating: 92

Team: Chicago Bulls


  1. Acrobat
  2. One-Man Fastbreak
  3. Pick & Roll Maestro
  4. Finisher
  5. Closer

Joakim Noah

Rating: 82

Team: Chicago Bulls


  1. Post Playmaker
  2. Scrapper
  3. Bruiser
  4. Tenacious Rebound
  5. Defensive Anchor

Kyrie Irving

Rating: 89

Team: Cleveland Cavaliers


  1. Finisher
  2. Acrobat
  3. Ankle Breaker
  4. Shot Creator
  5. Closer

Rajon Rondo

Rating: 90

Team: Boston Celtics


  1. Pick Pocket
  2. Dimer
  3. Pick & Roll Maestro
  4. Flashy Passer
  5. Floor General

Chris Paul

Rating: 93

Team: Los Angeles Clippers


  1. Dimer
  2. Floor General
  3. Pick Pocket
  4. Pick & Roll Maestro
  5. Closer

Blake Griffin

Rating: 84

Team: Los Angeles Clippers


  1. Posterizer
  2. Post Playmaker
  3. Finisher
  4. Highlight Film
  5. Screen Outlet

Jamal Crawford

Rating: 80

Team: Los Angeles Clippers


  1. Ankle Breaker
  2. Catch & Shoot
  3. Pick Dodger
  4. Closer
  5. Microwave

Mike Conley

Rating: 83

Team: Memphis Grizzlies


  1. Pick Pocket
  2. Interceptor
  3. Acrobat
  4. Closer
  5. Floor General

Marc Gasol

Rating: 82

Team: Memphis Grizzlies


  1. Defensive Anchor
  2. Post Playmaker
  3. Brick Wall
  4. Screen Outler
  5. Bruiser

LeBron James

Rating: 99

Team: Miami Heat


  1. Finisher
  2. Chasedown Artist
  3. Dimer
  4. Lockdown Defense
  5. LeBron Coast to Coast

Dwyane Wade

Rating: 91

Team: Miami Heat


  1. Shot Creator
  2. Interceptor
  3. Closer
  4. Deadeye
  5. Pick & Roll Maestro

DeMarcus Cousins

Rating: 80

Team: Sacramento Kings


  1. Finisher
  2. Bruiser
  3. Break Starter
  4. Hustle Points
  5. Tenacious Rebound

Carmelo Anthony

Rating: 91

Team: New York Knicks


  1. Shot Creator
  2. Finisher
  3. Deadeye
  4. Closer
  5. Microwave

Kobe Bryant

Rating: 93

Team: Los Angeles Lakers


  1. Shot Creator
  2. Deadeye
  3. Closer
  4. Heat Retention
  5. Finisher

Steve Nash

Rating: 80

Team: Los Angeles Lakers


  1. Flashy Passer
  2. Dimer
  3. Catch and Shoot
  4. Pick & Roll Maestro
  5. Floor General

Monta Ellis

Rating: 85

Team: Dallas Mavericks


  1. Acrobat
  2. Interceptor
  3. Finisher
  4. Closer One-Man
  5. Fastbreak


How to Steal Guide

Follow the tips below to steal the ball from your opponents more often.

Do not press the steal button (X) over and over again. If you do that, or if you try to steal the ball when the opponent is in clear control of the ball or is protecting it with his body, your player won't steal the ball, but will perform a personal foul, instead. You have to watch the game carefully, wait for an opening, and press the button at the right time.

Use players who are better at stealing the ball, such as Chris Paul, Rajon Rondo, and Russell Westbrook. Such players have a much better chance of success, especially if the opposing point guard is dribbling the ball.

Dribbers in general are easier to steal from. If the ball is close to you and the player's body is not blocking it, try to steal it. You'll have an easier chance of getting it during spin moves, and some players naturally have low "Ball Security" and can't protect it as well.

You don't always have to steal the ball from the player who has it. You can also intercept a pass from one player to another. Take your defender to a "passing lane," one of the areas near the paint from which players will approach the basket. Bounced passes are much harder to intercept, but you have a good chance to steal lobbed passes, especially if the receiving player is in the post.

Especially against AI opponents, you can use a double team L1 to trap the ball-handler between two defenders and force him to hold the ball with both hands. If you put enough pressure on him, he will make a lousy pass that is easily intercepted. Save this technique for when you have quicker players than the other team, or else they will learn how to overcome it through the use of quick passes.


Easy Ball Stealing Method

Ball stealing is easy with just about anybody.

  1. While defending an opponent, hold down L2/LB to "face-up" the player. Holding this will keep your player facing the opposing player no matter what direction you're moving.
  2. While holding L2/LB you will see a glowing circle under your player. It pulses from white to red at a set speed according to your current players stealing ability or stats. You basically have to time your steal so that your player reaches in at the moment the circle is about to turn white.
  3. You only want to attempt a steal on a white circle. Also factor in that it's much easier if the opposing player is facing you, dribbling the ball and not holding it away from you, etc. These two things make it ridiculously easy to time your button push to steal the ball.
  4. Even players with poor stealing capability can get steals easily with this method. Remember to hold L2/LB always while on defense, otherwise you will get intentional fouls all day.

2K Games put this system into the gameplay to make it easier for people to steal without fouling out, and to incorporate a level of skill and finesse with stealing.

By: tazbo27  



Picture Title Description Type
All Your Trophies Are Belong To Me
Earn every trophy in NBA 2K14.
Deal Me In
Purchase a Card Pack in MyTEAM.
Seek and Destroy
Win a game in Domination mode in MyTEAM.
99 Problems and Domination Ain't One!
Earn 99 Stars in Domination mode in MyTEAM.
Top of the World
Make it to the first seed in Road to the Playoffs in MyTEAM.
Iced Out
Acquire a Diamond Player in MyTEAM.
Collect 'Em All
Complete the '13-'14 NBA Collection in MyTEAM.
There's More?
Complete the Historic Collection in MyTEAM.
Fresh Meat
Upgrade your MyGM to Level 1.
Emerging Force
Upgrade your MyGM to Level 35.
Straight Up Mogul
Upgrade your MyGM to Level 70.
My Entrepreneur
Purchase an NBA Franchise in MyGM.
Make It Rain
Make a profit of $35M in a single season in MyGM.
All That and a Bag of Chips
Make a profit in the same season you win an NBA title in MyGM.
Fan Favorite
Get 100% Fan Interest in MyGM.
You Are Getting Very Sleepy
Use a Persuasive Pitch during a conversation in MyGM.
Total Sell Out
Sell out all 41 home games in a season in MyGM.
Keepin' It Real
Win a title with the Lakers without paying luxury tax in MyGM.
It's All About Marketability
Acquire a player with 5-star Marketability in MyGM.
Mess Around and See What Happens
Record a triple-double with any player in a non-simulated game.
The Power of Three
Make 15 three-pointers with any team in a non-simulated game.
Motor Like No Other
Get 10 offensive rebounds in a non-simulated game.
Buzzer Beater
Make a game-winning shot with no time left on the clock.
Making Coach Proud
Hit 3 three-pointers off a fast-break in a non-simulated game.
Circus Shot
Make a shot from beyond the half-court line in any game.
What's Your Point?
Use Points of Emphasis to set your strategy during a time-out.
Make The Right Call
Call a play using the 2K Smart Play feature.
That's Why He's the King
Shoot 93% in a game with LeBron James (minimum 14 FG attempts).
Melo Out
Make 19 field goals in a game with Carmelo Anthony.
How May I Assist You?
Get 21 assists in a game with Chris Paul.
Stealing the Show
Score 25 points and get 6 steals in one game with Derrick Rose.
Paul Position
Score 37 points and make 9 three-pointers in a game with Paul George.
Human Torched
Score 22 points in one quarter with Stephen Curry.
Serving Notice
Get 500,000 fans in MyCAREER.
Man of the People
Get 5,000,000 fans in MyCAREER.
Makin' the Big Bucks
Sign an endorsement deal worth 5,000 VC or more in MyCAREER.
I've Had It
Demand a trade in MyCAREER.
Roll the Dice
Agree to an investment deal in MyCAREER.
My Every Day Player
Become a starter in the NBA in MyCAREER.
My All-Star
Be named an NBA All-Star in MyCAREER.
Sick Game, Bro
Score 30 points when playing sick in MyCAREER.
Quiet the Haters
Disprove a legend who calls you out on Social Media in MyCAREER.
I Smell Team Spirit
Get your teammates to invite you out on the town in MyCAREER.
Learning From the Best
Get LeBron James to give you his Signature Skill in MyCAREER.
Face of the Brand
Beat out Jackson Ellis for an endorsement deal in MyCAREER.
Streak Buster
End an opposing team's win streak of 3 or more games in the Park.
Class is Dismissed
Get at least 7 points, 3 assists, and 5 rebounds in a Blacktop game.
Not One, Not Two, Not Three...Okay, Just One
Win a championship in an online league.
Now You're Ready
Complete all Training Camp lessons.
It's All About the Shoes
Create a shoe in the Shoe Creator.
All The Sprite Moves
Win the Sprite Slam Dunk Contest.


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