Hints for Dauntless on Playstation 4 (PS4)

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Elemental Damage & Resistance

Weapons and armor will list any elemental attributes they have. This comes in the form of resistance, which lets you resist the indicated elemental damage, or the elemental damage you’ll afflict while attacking with that weapon. Certain types of elemental damage also can cause status effects: Blaze damage can damage the behemoth over time, Frost damage can slow the behemoth for a short amount of time, and Shock stuns the behemoth temporarily. In addition to your weapons, certain grenades also have elemental effects.

By: Samantha Lienhard  

Elemental Weakness Chart

Knowing the weaknesses of the behemoths you’ll be fighting is very important. You’ll want to wear armor that matches the behemoth’s element, and then use a weapon with the element it’s weak to. Use the weakness chart below to choose your gear accordingly for each behemoth.

Behemoth       Element          Weakness

Boreus             Frost                Blaze

Charrog           Blaze                Frost

Drask               Shock              Terra

Embermane     Blaze                Frost

Gnasher           None                None

Hellion             Blaze                Frost

Kharabak         Terra                 Shock

Koshai             Terra                 Shock

Nayzaga          Shock               Terra

Pangar             Frost               Blaze

Quillshot         None               None

Rezakiri           Radiant           Umbral

Riftstalker       Umbral            Radiant

Shrike              None               None

Shrowd           Umbral            Radiant

Skarn               Terra                Shock

Skraev             Frost                Blaze

Stormclaw       Shock              Terra

Valomyr          Radiant           Umbral

By: Samantha Lienhard  

Exotic Blueprints

Exotic Blueprints drop from Heroic and Heroic+ Patrols. Certain Behemoths can also drop specific Exotic Blueprints while on Heroic difficulty.

  • Firebrand Charrogg – can drop blueprints for Molten Edict (hammer) or The Skullforge (helmet)
  • Rezakiri – can drop blueprints for The Godhand (war pike) or Prismatic Grace (helmet)
  • Shrowd – can drop blueprints for The Hunger (sword) or Tragic Echo (helmet)

By: Samantha Lienhard  

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