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Last Updated: March 9, 2023
  • First Released: Sep 25, 2019
  • Genres: Role-playing (RPG)
  • Ratings: PEGI 12,

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Flare Codes


Codes are regularly made available so you can enter them to get free flares in your game, usually offered in connection with special events. However, these codes are time-limited.

The codes listed here have already expired. Watch Dauntless’s official social media accounts to learn about new flare codes.

  • twitchwinnipeg
  • twitchvancouver
  • twitchmelbourne
  • paxsouth

All Weapon Special Skills


By increasing your Weapon Mastery level, you can unlock special abilities for your weapons. Each new special ability is unlocked when you reach Weapon Mastery level 8.

The one exception is the Ostian Repeaters weapon, which instead gains different abilities based on the weapon chambers you have equipped.

To level up your Weapon Mastery, you must complete certain tasks listed in the Mastery tab. Each weapon has a Mastery Card that will tell you what tasks you should accomplish.

Once you have a weapon skill, you can equip it. The first skill is unlocked from the start, while the second is the one you’ll unlock at level 8:


  • Flight of Ruin – throw the axe to damage enemies in its path; using it again will bring the axe back and generate resolve
  • Grim Onslaught – throw the axe to damage enemies in its path; hitting the Behemoth will make it automatically return and generate resolve

Chain Blades

  • Reapers Dance – push away if you’re close or pull if you’re far away, dealing damage with either
  • Cruel Riftstrike – teleport forward and deal damage to the enemies in your path


  • Concussive Salvo – use ammo that both damages and interrupts Behemoths
  • Mighty Landbreaker – use ammo that gives a buff to players within its radius


  • Valiant Overdrive – when the meter is full, activate it to enter Overdrive, which increases your attack speed and deals AOE damage; using it again while Overdrive is active lets you dash
  • Ardent Cyclone – when the meter is full, activate it to spin and deal damage to any nearby enemies; using it while spinning will have you slash enemies for more damage

War Pike

  • Concussive Payload – turn your meter into ammo that fires a missile that both damages and interrupts Behemoths
  • Savage Wellspring – turn your meter into ammo that buffs nearby allies to increase their critical strike chance

Elemental Damage & Resistance


Weapons and armor will list any elemental attributes they have. This comes in the form of resistance, which lets you resist the indicated elemental damage, or the elemental damage you’ll afflict while attacking with that weapon. Certain types of elemental damage also can cause status effects: Blaze damage can damage the behemoth over time, Frost damage can slow the behemoth for a short amount of time, and Shock stuns the behemoth temporarily. In addition to your weapons, certain grenades also have elemental effects.

Exotic Blueprints


Exotic Blueprints drop from Heroic and Heroic+ Patrols. Certain Behemoths can also drop specific Exotic Blueprints while on Heroic difficulty.

  • Firebrand Charrogg – can drop blueprints for Molten Edict (hammer) or The Skullforge (helmet)
  • Rezakiri – can drop blueprints for The Godhand (war pike) or Prismatic Grace (helmet)
  • Shrowd – can drop blueprints for The Hunger (sword) or Tragic Echo (helmet)

Elemental Weakness Chart


Knowing the weaknesses of the behemoths you’ll be fighting is very important. You’ll want to wear armor that matches the behemoth’s element, and then use a weapon with the element it’s weak to. Use the weakness chart below to choose your gear accordingly for each behemoth.

Behemoth       Element          Weakness

Boreus             Frost                Blaze

Charrog           Blaze                Frost

Drask               Shock              Terra

Embermane     Blaze                Frost

Gnasher           None                None

Hellion             Blaze                Frost

Kharabak         Terra                 Shock

Koshai             Terra                 Shock

Nayzaga          Shock               Terra

Pangar             Frost               Blaze

Quillshot         None               None

Rezakiri           Radiant           Umbral

Riftstalker       Umbral            Radiant

Shrike              None               None

Shrowd           Umbral            Radiant

Skarn               Terra                Shock

Skraev             Frost                Blaze

Stormclaw       Shock              Terra

Valomyr          Radiant           Umbral


Easter Eggs

There is a turtle in the sewer/water area. There is no way to interact with it and no clear reason for why it’s there, so it just appears to be a cute secret for players to find.

All Weapon Mods


By increasing your Weapon Mastery level, you’ll unlock new weapon mods for that weapon. Each weapon has three weapon mods, and new weapon mods are unlocked at Weapon Mastery level 6, 10, and 16.

The one exception is the Ostian Repeaters weapon, which has six weapon mods, with the remaining three unlocked through quests.

To level up your Weapon Mastery, you must complete certain tasks listed in the Mastery tab. Each weapon has a Mastery Card that will tell you what tasks you should accomplish.

Once you’ve unlocked weapon mods, equip them for the following effects:


  • Volatile Axecore – charging attacks deals AOE damage to nearby enemies
  • Lightweight Haft – movement speed increases while charging Horizontal Attacks, and they cost 50% less stamina
  • Overcharged Cylinder – determination can stack up to four times

Chain Blades

  • Lightweight Chain – dashing toward the enemy costs 50% less stamina
  • Hurricane Blades – blade spin stacks damage on the next hit
  • Serrated Blades – blade attacks give a chance for your next swinging blade attack to be a critical hit


  • Weighted Crown – stagger damage can be dealt to all Behemoth parts; damage against the Behemoth’s legs is no longer halved
  • Impulse Crown – aerial strike increases damage for 10 seconds; the damage is doubled if you hit the Behemoth’s head
  • Extended Clip – increases Ammo by 6


  • Adhesive Hilt – you cannot be staggered while using your Special
  • Reactive Hilt – dodge attacks cause a critical hit
  • Perpetual Bladecore – dealing damage during your Special increases the Special meter

War Pike

  • Concussive Payload – convert your meter into ammo and then spend it to fire missiles that both damage and interrupt the Behemoth
  • Savage Wellspring – convert your meter into ammo and then spend it to buff nearby allies with an aura
  • Godhand – convert your meter into ammo and then spend it to channel a beam that damages the Behemoth on contact

Ostian Repeaters

  • Capacitive Magazine – using an ability gives you back four ammo
  • Scoped Sights – increase the damage falloff range by 25%
  • Lucky Magazine – each round missing from the magazine increases your critical strike chance by 2%
  • Extraction Catalyst – dodging attacks reduces your ability cooldown time by 2 seconds
  • Lightweight Frame – your movement speed increases by 20% when ammo is at 6 or less
  • Precision Sights – when you attack the same part multiple times, the damage increases by five; this effect stacks up to eight times

Ostian Repeaters


The Ostian Repeaters are not available at the start of the game. You will find the blueprint as part of the “Ironclad Admiral” mission given to you by Janek Zai, as well as the materials needed to craft them.

Secret Cave

Easter Eggs

You can find a secret cave in Ramsgate. It’s a small icy cave and there’s not really anything to do there, but it’s just a hidden place to visit.

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