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How to unlock the Gold Suit costume Unlockables

If you successfully use all of the luck items in the Luck & Probability room to win at roulette, you will unlock a special Gold Suit costume. Notes in the room give you hints about what you need to do.

Activate the cat statue.

Plant the 4-leaf clover near the roulette wheel.

Activate the bouncing balls.

Turn the horseshoe so it’s facing up.

Put the golden fish next to the roulette wheel.

Turn on all the lights in the roulette room.

Spin the roulette wheel while not standing in the red zone, and you’ll get your results. If you’ve activated all of the luck items, you should win the gold suit.

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Other Unlockable Costumes Unlockables

Completely the main campaign to get the Director’s Suit costume.

The Office Assistant costume is unlocked during the main campaign.

Look in the broken mannequin room after completing the Mirror side mission to unlock the Asynchronous costume.

Interact with the cabinet in the P7 room to get the Candidate P7 costume.

Complete all of the Janitor missions and then the Take a Break mission to get the Janitor’s Assistant costume.

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Eternal Flame mod / Unlimited Ammo Unlockables

If you throw six smoking TVs into the furnace, you’ll get the Eternal Flame weapon mod, which gives you a shot for every shot that hits any enemy, meaning it effectively gives you unlimited ammo as long as you’re accurate enough.

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Unlock All Abilities Unlockables

There are three optional abilities you can unlock by completing certain missions in the games:

  • Evade (not on ability screen) – complete A Merry Chase
  • Shield – complete A Good Defense
  • Seize – complete A Captive Audience

Your other two abilities, Launch and Levitate, are encountered during the main campaign.

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