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All Alan Wake connections Easter Eggs

There are numerous references to Alan Wake throughout Control, particularly through the numerous collectibles that flesh out the worldbuilding.

  • One document references Night Springs, an in-game TV show found in Alan Wake. A later document brings up Night Springs again and says the original show was just fiction, but was brought back to help see how people would react to paranormal concepts.
  • Another document discusses thermoses found in Bright Falls, the town where Alan Wake is set, and mentions Alan himself as a member of the Prime Candidate Program. (Thermoses were a collectible in Alan Wake.) It calls out the setting of Alan Wake as being sites where Altered World Events have occurred.
  • Later documents go into greater detail about the events of Alan Wake as an AWE and describe the investigation into them.
  • There is even a message showing Alan Wake himself talking about what happened.
  • A whiteboard can be found detailing the information used in the House of Dreams ARG that served as a promotion for Alan Wake.
  • The in-game band The Old Gods of Asgard (who are played by the real band Poets of the Fall) from Alan Wake has songs in Control as well.
  • Thomas Zane, the poet from Alan Wake, is also referenced.
  • Another reference to Alan’s books being about a real cop also double as an Easter egg to Max Payne, since Alan’s books were a reference to the Max Payne series to start with.
  • In a sort of reverse Easter egg/foreshadowing, a secret message in the ending theme of Alan Wake’s American Nightmare says “It will happen again in a town called Ordinary.” Ordinary is the hometown of Jesse, Control’s protagonist.

Right now, it is unclear if these things are Easter eggs alone, or if they actually are meant to imply Alan Wake and Control exist in the same universe. Since the upcoming AWE DLC features a logo that strongly resembles the Alan Wake logo, it is popularly believed that a direct connection will be made between the two.

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Max Payne reference Easter Eggs

One of the videos from Dr. Darling mentions a door code being 6-6-5. This is a reference to Max Payne, in which Max jokes about a 6-6-5 door code being “the neighbor of the beast.” (This itself is a reference to 666 being the number of the beast in the Bible.)

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Poets of the Fall Easter Eggs

While Alan Wake’s in-game band The Old Gods of Asgard exists in Control, you can also read about and listen to a song from Poets of the Fall, the real-life band that portrays them.

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Socks and Ballerinas Easter Eggs

There are lyrics, posters, and other references to the band Socks and Ballerinas, a Finnish group.

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Hideo Kojima cameo Easter Eggs

Hideo Kojima has a cameo role as Dr. Yoshimi Tokui in the side mission “Dr. Yoshimi Tokui’s Guided Imagery Experience.” The interpreter for him in the side mission is voiced by Aki Saito, the Communications Manager of Kojima Productions.

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P6 codename Easter Eggs

The FBC uses the codename P6 for a certain character. P6 was actually the codename used for Control itself before it was revealed.

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