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Last Updated: August 5, 2023

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How the Generator System Works


The Generator in Amnesia: The Bunker is a crucial tool for survival, as it restores power to the lights and machinery in the dark and eerie World War 1 structure. This guide will walk you through how the Generator system works and how to use it effectively.

To find the Generator, head down the stairs in the Administration Office, which is situated in the Central Bunker area. Once you have acquired the soldier's pistol and ammo, exit the Mess Hall, and shoot off the padlock from the door outside. Descend the stairs behind the door with a red light above it, leading you to the Administration Office. This room will serve as the Save Room for the game, where you can save progress, access the bunker's general map, and manage your inventory.

The Generator requires Fuel to function. You can use either regular Fuel Canisters found throughout the bunker or Fuel Bottles, which are glass bottles filled with fuel. Approach the Generator with the desired fuel item equipped. Then, aim and interact with the funnel to pour the fuel into the Generator. Both types of fuel will provide the same amount of power.

Each Fuel Bottle or Canister added to the Generator increases the Fuel gauge by two ticks. However, the gauge doesn't move to the exact location of the second tick when adding fuel. Instead, the gauge fills to the nearest second tick. For example, if you add fuel when the gauge is empty, it will move to the second tick. Adding more fuel when the gauge drops to the first tick won't move it to the third tick but back to the first tick. You can use this strategically by refueling just before the gauge crosses between a pair of ticks, effectively turning a single fuel into four ticks on the Generator's gauge.

Upon visiting the Generator for the first time, you'll find a pocketwatch nearby. This pocketwatch is synchronized with the Generator's Fuel Gauge, allowing you to keep track of how much power is left before everything turns off again.

Activating the Generator is essential for easier and safer exploration and navigation within the bunker. With the lights on, the monster known as The Beast is less likely to leave its hideout in the walls and patrol the bunker. The only time The Beast will leave its hole in a lit area is when a loud noise occurs nearby, such as a gunshot or explosion. Additionally, the Generator is necessary to complete specific objectives, like obtaining the Arsenal Code from the Communications Room in the Soldier Quarters.

Watch this walkthrough to learn how to use the generator.

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