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Last Updated: June 6, 2022

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How to rent to multiple rooms Guides

The player must do five open house jobs and they will be able to unlock the option to rent out multiple rooms. The player must then set up their own apartments with two or more bedrooms. 

The next step is for a player to hold an open house. They must select the “Rooms to rent” option on the left-hand side of the screen and negotiate with possible tenants until all their available rooms have been leased.

BringTheparty shows a player how to rent multiple rooms


How to charge more for an apartment and make more money Guides

The player will start the game and must first do some jobs and earn money before they can afford to buy an apartment. 

Once a player has made some capital they must go to the area called the Slums and purchase an apartment.

The player's next step will be to add some basic furniture to the apartment. It is important for the player to not include a rubbish bin in the apartment.

Once the apartment is complete a player must start an open house event. A player must then negotiate with a tenant. 

The player must set the price at almost the maximum and each time brings the price down slightly.

The player will find the tenant will agree to an amount that is much higher than what the property is worth.

Simply leave the tenant to destroy the apartment as much as they can. The trick is for the tenant to produce as much rubbish as they can. This will anger the homeowners association.

The homeowners association is in charge of issuing bills and will start to charge a player more money for their bills. This won’t cost a player more as the player must just refuse to pay their bills.

The bills will therefore increase and the game will allow for a player to charge more for rent. The game works on how expensive the bills are and the prestige of the items in the apartment. 

The first time the bills become due a player will have to pay them but the following times a player must ignore the bills.

If a tenant requests that plumbing be fixed, a player must ignore them and the tenant will pay for the repairs themself.

Once the tenant's lease comes to an end the player must end the lease with the tenant and send in someone to clean up the apartment.

The player must now upgrade the apartment and add a shelf and put as many bottles of whiskey on the shelf.

A player must then create another shelf and fill it with whiskey bottles. The player must then move the second shelf into the first shelf and it will form part of the first shelf.

This process must be repeated  5 times by a player. This will raise the prestige of the apartment.

The player must then put the apartment up for lease and it will attract tenants. The player must negotiate with the prospective tenant by starting high and slowly decreasing the price. 

This will result in the player having a tenant paying almost double what their first tenant paid. 

The Spiffing Brit shows us a guide how to charge more for your rentals and make more money


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