The Tenants Glitches on PC

Last Updated: June 6, 2022

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Tenant invasion


A player that renovates their apartment and opens the apartment for a show house may at times experience a glitch. The player’s apartment will be invaded by hundreds of tenants.

Tenlander exposes a glitch that occurs in Tenants

Building Menu Disappeared


A player will need to do jobs to save up for an apartment. A player must click on a job offered to replace items for a tenant in Auntie's old place. 

The player must start replacing items in the apartment. When a player replaces the sink, they will receive a message on their phone and they must check the message.

The player will notice the building menu will disappear and they will be unable to select the apartment to bring up the apartment menu. 

The player will notice the camera will be stuck on Auntie’s apartment and it will seem as if the player is still in the building mode without a menu.

The player will be forced to restart the game as all their apartment roofs will be closed and a player cannot see what’s happening on the inside.

Simply Freckled takes a player through a glitch they experienced during game play.

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