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Last Updated: March 19, 2023

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Acting Lessons references

Easter Eggs

There are a few nods to Acting Lessons, the previous visual novel from the same developer.

  • The final two English mini-games use the letters found in “acting” and “lesson.”
  • If you go after Jade, the main character wears the same jacket as the main character of Acting Lessons.
  • Rose has the same tattoos as Rena from Acting Lessons.
  • There are some shared character names across the two games.

While it was once considered to have the two games be directly tied together, all that remains are slight references such as these, as the timelines do not line up if the two games were connected. The decision to separate them was made to give them more room for creative freedom in Being a DIK.

Dodgeball reference

Easter Eggs

The car wash scene includes references to the movie Dodgeball.

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