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Last Updated: November 6, 2023
eFootball 2024
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  • First Released: Sep 6, 2023
  • Genres: Simulator, Sport
  • Ratings: PEGI 3, ESRB E

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Kick-off Glitch


Kicking off the game is advantageous for you. The glitch allows you to score more goals. To use the Kick-off glitch, you must have selected a fast striker in your team.

If you don’t have a striker with a good amount of speed, you will need to have good timing for the glitch to work. Timing is everything with this glitch. At the start of a game, you must set your striker on sprint and pass the ball to a nearby attacking midfielder.

Once your midfielder has the ball, you must pass the ball to your winger. You must have a winger in your team with a relatively good passing ability. Now that your winger has the ball, you must time your pass from your winger to striker to perfection.

Your winger will slowly draw in your opponent's defender, and you will notice a clear gap between your sprinting striker and two defenders. When your striker is between the two defenders, pass the ball from your winger to the striker.

Your striker will then run around the defenders and have a clear shot at goal. This glitch may take several attempts to master. The hardest part of the glitch is timing the pass from your winger to the striker.

ZazmentFC shares a kickoff glitch from eFootball 2024.

How to Shoot


Shooting for goals is one of the basic skills you must master in the game. There are several different shooting techniques that you can use to score goals, and each has its advantages and disadvantages. 

Choosing the correct technique for the in-play situation will require practice. When you approach your opponent’s goalposts in an attacking formation, you will need to get around the defensive line. 

Passing a lofted or low ball through to your striker will often leave your striker in a one-on-one situation with the keeper. If you find yourself in this situation, there are some shooting options at your disposal.

When a goalkeeper is exposed, they will often charge your striker. Chipping a ball over the keeper's head and back into the net is an effective way to score. To chip a ball over the keeper, press “L1+Square” for PlayStation or “LB+X” for Xbox. 

Hold the shoot button until you have enough power to chip the keeper. Chipping the keeper isn’t the most effective way to score a goal. Working your way into your opponent’s box and aiming for the top or bottom-hand-side corners is an effective goal-scoring shot.

For a controlled shot at goal, press “R1+Square” for PlayStation and “RB+X” for Xbox. Remember to use your analog stick and direct your shot at the goal; pressing the “shoot” button will shoot the ball directly into the keeper. 

When shooting at goals from a distance, hold the shoot button in until you have enough power to make the shot. Holding in the shoot button for too long will shoot the ball over your opponent's goalposts.

Games and Apps Tutorials shares a guide on how to shoot

How to Improve Your Gameplay


Use Inform Players

The game allows you to view your player's performance and statistics. Inform players will have a green pointing arrow, while players with a red arrow are out of form. Players with a red arrow are tired and will underperform against your opposition.

When a player has a red arrow, they are physically exhausted. Substitute red arrow players with reserves from your bench. Select a reserve with a green or orange-facing arrow. Players with an orange arrow are likely to tire out faster than players with a green arrow.

Use a Longball

Passing the ball through the air is an effective way to bypass your opponent's defenders. Use a long pass from your goalkeeper to your attacking players to gain territory and possession. A long pass between your opponent's defenders and your striker will give you a scoring opportunity. 

Charge with Your Goalkeeper

When an attacking striker breaches your defensive line, your keeper will be exposed. Charge an attacking striker with your keeper to prevent an inevitable goal.

Mr. Psycho Gamer shares some tips.

How to Defend


Scoring goals is essential to winning the game. However, you’ll also need to be able to hold on to your goal advantage and defend against your opponent. Defending against an attacking opposition can be tricky, although there are some defensive techniques to avoid conceding goals. 

Firstly, you must decide on a defensive or balanced formulation for your team. The formation of your team will significantly impact your style of play. If you are an attacking player and want to score goals, you must use a 3-3-4 formation. 

Finding the right formational balance amongst forwards, midfielders, and defenders is crucial for your defense. A 4-3-3 combination is the most common and balanced formation.

The 4-3-3 formation may expose you to attacks on the flanks from your opponent. If you opt for the 4-3-3 formation, you must have Defensive Midfielders (DMFs) and Central Midfielders (CMFs).

The 5-3-2 combination is the best defensive and counter-attacking formation. The formation gives you five defenders at the back and control of your box. The formation will plug any defensive holes the opposition will be trying to exploit. 

The 5-3-2 formation also gives you a balanced attacking option, with three attacking midfielders and two strikers waiting to counter. Alternatively, you could use a 5-4-1 formation and take control of the midfield.

Once you have decided on your preferred formation, you must go into the automatic match support settings and turn on the “offside trap.” The idea behind an offside trap is to catch your opponent's striker off-side.

The offside trap is one of your most effective defensive tools in the game. To execute this move, you must “double tap” the directional button away from your goals and defense. 

Double-tap the directional button in the opposite direction from your goalposts. 

Do this just before your opponent passes the ball through to their striker. Your entire defensive line-up will move forward and catch the opposing striker off-side. You will then win a free kick and possession.

To be an effective defensive unit, you must perfect the art of tackling and stealing the ball from your opponents. You can use a sliding tackle by pressing “O” for PlayStation and “B” for Xbox, or you can use a shoulder charge by pressing “Square” for PlayStation and “X” for Xbox.

Using a sliding tackle is a way to remove the ball from an attacking opponent. The shoulder charge is ineffective when facing a sprinting opponent. A sliding tackle will break up your opponent's attack. Only use a sliding tackle when you are confident of winning the ball.

Performing a late sliding tackle or slide tackling an opponent that has run around you will result in a foul. Your player may receive a red or yellow card for a dangerous tackle made on your opponent.  

When an opposing striker or attacker sprints toward your defenders, you must select a defender. Select a defender by pressing “L1” for PlayStation or “LB” for Xbox. Perform a tackle with the defender and clear the oncoming threat.

PES DOCTOR shares a guide on how to defend.

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