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Last Updated: January 17, 2024
Sonic Frontiers
  • Category: Main Game
  • First Released: Nov 7, 2022
  • Genres: Platform, Adventure
  • Themes: Action, Science fiction, Open world
  • Ratings: PEGI 7, ESRB E10

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Beginner’s Guide


Unlock the Whole Map as Early as Possible

When you begin the game, you’ll find that a fog covers most of the map. While having the map completely visible isn’t necessary to progress through the game, it’s useful for any navigational moments you may come across, and for tracking any collectibles you might pick up along the way. It will also allow you to fast travel between all Cyberspace-level points.

Each time you unlock a piece of the map, you also gain access to unique challenges that break up some of the gameplay loops you’ll be spending a lot of time on. 

Don’t Focus All Your Attention on One Spot of the Map at a Time

You’ll quickly notice that there are a LOT of icons on the map and may want to methodically clear out each section before moving on, but this can ruin your enjoyment of the game, especially if you stay stuck in one place for too long.

As you progress through the story beats of each island, you’ll start to take care of each of these icons by naturally platforming and exploring, so don’t fret too much about trying to find every single collectible before the end of the game and halt your progress entirely.

Fishing is the Most Important Skill You Can Master

There is a designated fishing spot on each of the five islands where you will meet Big the Cat. This is where the Purple Coins you’ve been collecting as you traverse the world come into effect, as each cast of your fishing rod costs you a certain number of coins (which can change depending on the island you’re on.

Any successful catches in these fishing spots will earn you Fishing Tokens, which you can then spend on various items, including Fast Travel unlocks to the Elder and Hermit Kocos, Lost Koco, Memory Tokens, and Red and Blue seeds.

This means with some effort, you can surpass a lot of the natural grind you’ll need to do to collect those items. Twenty minutes of fishing can earn you enough Vault Keys and Memory Tokens to progress through every story section of an island.

Use Cyloop Circles to Your Advantage

While not the most entertaining activity in the game, running in circles can be a great way to farm resources. All you have to do is activate the Cyloop ability and complete a small circle. This will leave you with an explosion of resources that will gravitate toward you after a few seconds. If you continue to run in small circles, activating and releasing the Cyloop at the right moments as you go, you can farm an unlimited amount of most of the resources in the game. 

It’s a great way to supply yourself with rings without worrying about platforming and can grant you the last Seeds or Memory Token you need to progress further into the game.

Suppose you draw an infinity symbol while the Cyloop ability is activated. In that case, you’ll gain a temporary boost, which you can use as long as it is active, meaning you won’t have to worry about running out of Boost Gauge and being forced to walk the rest of the way to your destination at least until the boost runs out anyway.

This is one of the easiest tricks to perform, though it may take a bit of practice to get consistent shapes on your first try.

Study Your Enemies

As you progress through the game, enemies will go from being one-hit-takedowns to entities that require a bit of strategic thought. The easiest way to ensure a win, especially when dealing with new enemies for the first time, is by slowing down and examining their attack patterns and offensive and defensive capabilities before charging in to attack.

Most enemies have a cooldown time after unleashing an attack that leaves them open to any attacks you want to throw their way, but this isn’t guaranteed for every enemy, so make sure to watch each one.

Complete Every Cyberspace Level Challenge

Each Cyberspace level is nostalgically themed and has a purpose outside of letting you relive your (or your parent’s) childhood memories. Once you’ve completed a Cyberspace level, you’ll be rewarded with a vault key, which you can use to unlock Chaos Emeralds on the island. Each level has four challenges, and all follow the same basic structure:

  • Complete the level
  • Complete the level in under (X) time.
  • Complete the level collecting all 5 Red Star Rings
  • Complete the level with (X) Rings

Completing all four challenges will earn you 4 Vault keys, plus an additional 3 for completing every challenge, bringing your total to 7. It’s worthwhile to playthrough each Cyberspace level a few times and get your hands on all 7 Vault Keys.

Drop to Change Your Perspective

While exploring the open world, specifically while platforming, you’ll sometimes switch to a 2D perspective, which can be disorienting and throw off your sense of momentum. Fortunately, it’s not too difficult to fix if you aren’t a fan of the 2D perspective.

If you’re on a raised section on a platform challenge, simply drop through a gap to the ground (or the ground equivalent, depending on your location), and you’ll return to the usual 3rd-person perspective.

Take Advantage of the Starfall

While playing the open-world adventure, the day will turn to night, and you’ll be blessed with a cutscene featuring shooting stars raining down from the sky. These shooting stars bring a collection of growing collectibles you can pick up from the floor.

As you collect these fallen stars, a slot machine mechanic will begin. Your luck will improve the more stars you collect. These spins can reward you with Purple Coins, which you can use to exploit the Fishing minigame.

If you focus entirely on collecting these stars, you can end up with over 200 Purple Coins, which will give you an impressive upper hand when purchasing items from Big the Cat.

Go as Fast as You Can Whenever the Opportunity Arises

Speed is one of the main features of this game, which makes sense given that you’re Sonic. You should be going fast whenever you can, whether that means using the speed boost you have access to from the get-go to traverse the open world or complete the main platforming challenges strewn across the game, or using the Speed Boost platforms on the floors, Ramps and Bounce Pads whenever you can.

Even if you don’t complete an entire platforming segment, this speed will allow you to explore the five islands much faster.

Watch Out for Koco

Koco are small, round creatures scattered across the five islands of the game. Gather as many as possible, then return them to the Elder Koco, who’ll reward you by increasing your speed or maximum ring capacity.

Koco can blend into the natural environment due to their stony appearance, so keep your eyes open. They’re usually hidden around sites of interest (like portals), so check around these landmarks when you reach them.

Make Use of the Training Room

Sonic has so many moves that you may only learn about some through the training room, the loading screen you’re placed in while you wait for the world to generate. This training room will throw various challenges at you while you wait. You should try to complete some of these challenges, as they’ll give you insight into how to handle real-game situations.

You don’t have to wait until you’re on the loading screen to use the Training Room, as you can access it through the skill tree when you want to practice a particular move.

Find Ways to Earn Skill Points Quickly

Once you gain access to the skill tree, try getting your hands on Air Trick as quickly as possible. Sonic will find himself airborne in certain situations after boosting off a piece of sloped terrain or bouncing from a glowing spring. Once you have the Air Trick skill, blue sparks will flicker on either side of you, which means you can start performing tricks.

This mechanic is very easy to hack if you can find a glowing spring that you can bounce from that will still leave you in roughly the same place you started. By continuing to bounce from this spot and performing as many tricks as possible, you’ll gain points faster than you will fighting enemies.

Defeat Guardians to Open Portals

As you traverse the world, you’ll encounter impressive minibosses called Guardians, which you’ll need to defeat to gain Portal Gears, which will allow you to open the Cyberspace stages of the game.

Guardian fights are some of the most interesting and cleverly designed that you’ll come across in the game. They will allow you to practice dashing up slopes, grinding rails, parrying, and other skills you’ve learned throughout the game.

These battles can be pretty tough, so make sure you max out your rings before you head into one. Use your Cyloops ability if you need to.

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