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Oto nasze Przewodniki na Rune Factory 3 Special na Nintendo Switch. Najbardziej godne zaufania produkty otrzymują najwięcej "kciuków w górę" od naszych użytkowników i pojawiają się bliżej szczytu!

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How to Catch Fish and Upgrade Poles


Where to Get Your First Fishing Pole

There are a few ways you can get a fishing pole:

  1. Visit Barrett and accept his request, “I’m Looking For Something,” during which you need to find a book he has misplaced. You can find the book in the town’s church. Once you’ve returned it to him, he’ll reward you with a Cheap Pole.
  2. Interact with the town’s Bulletin Board and accept the request, “Fishing Lessons from the Master,” then head over to Carmen. You’ll find her at Carlos’ Resort, where you’ll be handed a Cheap Pole and receive private fishing lessons.
  3. Lastly, you can simply visit the blacksmith and purchase a Cheap Pole from Gaius or Raven. This is a good option if you’re impatient and have already completed a character request for the day. You can also craft one at the Forge, but you’ll be able to purchase a fishing pole long before you unlock the Forge.
How to Fish

Once you’ve obtained the fishing pole, you can head to any of the game’s fishing spots and begin fishing immediately:

  1. Head to any body of water and look for fish shadows.
  2. Press B to cast the line into the water, aiming near the fish.
  3. When a fish starts to nibble at the bobber, it will make a noise. Don’t reel it in yet.
  4. When the fish bites, it will pull at the pole, and a sound will play while the fish splash in the water. Press B to catch the fish.
Tips for Catching Fish

Focus on the tip of your fishing pole rather than the bobber because it’s easy to get fooled by the bobber’s dips as the fish bibbles at it.

There are various sizes of fish, which you can determine based on the size of their shadows. The largest fish are rare or special fish.

You may encounter rarer fish that are difficult to catch. These require precise timing to catch. Players must press B right as they bite (there is little leniency). If you don’t react quickly enough, the fish will get away. To increase your chance of snagging a rare catch, consider upgrading your fishing pole whenever you can.

Each fish has a specific location where it can be caught, and some may only spawn during particular seasons. You can speak to Carmen or Carlos at Carlos’ Resort to figure out which fish are in season.

How to Upgrade Your Fishing Pole

After purchasing a higher quality fishing pile, you can hold down B to charge your cast, which will send your line farther, meaning you can find more rare fish. You can also cast closer to fish shadows, meaning they won’t have to travel as far to potentially bite at your bobber.

There are five different fishing poles in the game, and each requires the player to reach a specific foraging skill before they can be crafted. You’ll need to unlock and build the Forge before you can upgrade anything. You can craft each fishing pole by using the previous fishing pole and a few collectible materials.

Here’s what you’ll need to craft each one:

Cheap Pole

  • Forging Lv. 5
  • Wood
  • Strong Sting

Beginner’s Pole

  • Forging Lv. 15
  • Cheap Pole
  • Sparkle String

Intermediate Pole

  • Forging Lv. 30
  • Beginner’s Pole
  • Quality Cloth

Famous Pole

  • Forging Lv. 60
  • Intermediate Pole
  • 2 Tortoise Shells

Sacred Pole

  • Forging Lv. 80
  • Famous Pole
  • 3 Fish Fossils

How to Improve Your Farming Experience


  • Develop a rhythm for watering crops. While you can water multiple plots at once later in the game, it’s a bit tedious in the beginning. By developing a rhythm of watering a plot and then immediately moving on to the next one, you can make farming a bit more efficient and may find yourself with watered fields faster than you were expecting.
  • Sow in a 3x3 grid by staring at square 9 and holding the B button with 9 seeds in your hand. Once the area is highlighted, release B to sow the seeds. 
  • Hold B to hoe 3 squares at a time.
  • Sell high-quality seeds to Purchase high-quality seeds. Getting your hands on high-quality seeds is relatively simple. All you need to do is use your scythe on a ripe crop to get the seeds instead of the crop. You can then run to the shop, sell the seeds, and permanently upgrade the quality of the seeds that you purchase. This will allow you to grow high-quality crops, which means better food that will sell for more money.

Giving Gifts to Characters


Gifts are a great way to get to know characters in the game and can even be used as a way to romance the female characters. Each character has their likes and dislikes, so make sure you’ve got the correct items before you try anything. Loved items will give you 10 friendship points, liked items will get you 5 friendship points, and hated items will remove 10 friendship points. You can also wear certain cologne scents to earn three extra friendship points. If you give gifts to characters on their birthdays, you can earn double friendship points.

You can start dating female characters at friendship level 7 and propose to marry them at friendship level 10.

Here are the likes, dislikes, and birthdays of every character:


  • Birthday: Winter 22
  • Loves: Seafood Doria, Seafood Gratin, Seafood Pizza
  • Likes: Fish, Seafood
  • Hates: Pumpkin, any dish made with Pumpkin
  • Preferred Cologne: Fish, Fiery Passion, Manliness, Sharance Spice


  • Birthday: Fall 21
  • Loves: Curry Manju, Curry Rice, Curry Udon, Royal Curry, Ultimate Curry
  • Likes: Dishes made with Rice
  • Hates: Milk, any dish made with Milk
  • Preferred Cologne: Delicious Delight, Fiery Passion, Manliness, Sharance Spice, Sweetness


  • Birthday: Spring 24
  • Loves: Dried Sardines, Flavored Radish, Misu Eggplant
  • Likes: Colored Grasses, Jam, Jam Bun, Poison Rainbow Trout, Rainbow, Watering Can
  • Hates: Accessories, Lobster, Shrimp
  • Preferred Cologne: Rainbow, Fiery Passion, Manliness, Sharance Spice, Strange Scent.


  • Birthday: Winter 4
  • Loves: All jewelry made with gems (except diamonds)
  • Likes: Gemstones (except diamonds)
  • Hates: Diamonds, any accessory containing diamonds
  • Preferred Cologne: Manliness, Sharance Spice, Sparkles, Worldly Traveler


  • Birthday: Winter 17
  • Loves: Chocolate Cake, Chocolate Cookie, Hot Chocolate
  • Likes: Any Sweets
  • Hates: Medicines, Medical Herbs
  • Preferred Cologne: Delicious Delight, Strange Scent Sweetness


  • Birthday: Summer 17
  • Loves: Any dishes made with green vegetables
  • Likes: Green vegetables
  • Hates: Tomatoes, any dish made with tomatoes
  • Preferred Cologne: Fiery Passion, Magic Musk, Manliness, Sharance Spice


  • Birthday: Summer 6
  • Loves: Squid dishes
  • Likes: Squid, fruit, uncooked fish
  • Hates: any dish made with fish, fish fossil
  • Preferred Cologne: Fish, Manliness, Strange Scent, Sharance Spice


  • Birthday: Spring 29
  • Loves: Sun Pendant, Tear Pendant
  • Likes: Crystals, Crystal Pendants, Charm Blues, Moondrops, Pink Cats, Toyherbs
  • Hates: Scrap Metal, Skull
  • Preferred Cologne: Floral Bouquet, Iron Forge, Manliness, Strange Scent


  • Birthday: Summer 25
  • Loves: Boss Drops, Charms
  • Likes: Sashimi, Monster Drops 
  • Hates: Eggs, Pudding
  • Preferred Cologne: Fish, Manliness, Sharance Spice, Sparkles, Worldy Traveler


  • Birthday: Spring 11
  • Loves: Expensive flowers, top quality waterpots
  • Likes: Flowers, vegetables, waterpots, weeds
  • Hates: Withered Grass
  • Preferred Cologne: Flower, Sharance Spice


  • Birthday: Fall 7
  • Loves: Super Fail, Rare Can
  • Likes: Any junk
  • Hates: Cooking powders
  • Preferred Cologne: Manliness, Scentless, Sharance Spice


  • Birthday: Fall 10
  • Loves: Sweets made with Chocolate
  • Likes: Sweets
  • Hates: Failed dishes
  • Preferred Cologne: Delicious Delight, Sweetness


  • Birthday: Summer 3
  • Loves: Dishes made with Snapper
  • Likes: Fish, dishes made with fish, Sashimi
  • Hates: Recipe Bread
  • Preferred Cologne: Fish


  • Birthday: Spring 21
  • Loves: Quality Fur, Yarn Ball
  • Likes: Fish, Dressmaking materials
  • Hates: Mushrooms, Scrap Metal
  • Preferred Cologne: Manliness, Scentless


  • Birthday: Summer 12
  • Loves: Udon dishes
  • Likes: Ore
  • Hates: Sashimi
  • Preferred Cologne: Iron Forge, Strange Scent


  • Birthday: Spring 8
  • Loves: Diamond, Diamond Ring
  • Likes: Baked Foods, Bamboo Shoots, Vegetables
  • Hates: Summer Fish
  • Preferred Cologne: Manliness, Maturity, Sharance Spice


  • Birthday: Winter 11
  • Loves: Relax Tea Leaves, Relax Tea
  • Likes: Colored Grasses
  • Hates: Cheese
  • Preferred Cologne: The Bee’s Knees, Magic Musk, Manliness, Sharance Spice


  • Birthday: Spring 26
  • Loves: Handknit Accessories, Bracelets, Rings
  • Likes: Flowers, Gemstones, Wooly Furball
  • Hates: Fish, dishes made with Fish
  • Preferred Cologne: Floral Bouquet, Manliness, Sharance Spice, Sparkles, Sweetness


  • Birthday: Summer 30
  • Loves: Prelude to Love, Gold Juice
  • Likes: Any Juice, Staves
  • Hates: Crystals, Monster Drops
  • Preferred Cologne: Magic Musk, Maturity, Sharance Spice, Strange Scent


  • Birthday: Fall 2
  • Loves: Chocolate Cake
  • Likes: Any Sweets
  • Hates: Vegetables
  • Preferred Cologne: Girliness, Sweetness


  • Birthday: Summer 8
  • Loves: Any Cooked Dishes
  • Likes: Dishes made with Sand Fish
  • Hates: Ore
  • Preferred Cologne: Delicious Delight, Girliness, Scentless, Sharance Spice, Sweetness


  • Birthday: Winter 26
  • Loves: Sashimi
  • Likes: Any Mushrooms
  • Hates: Fruit
  • Preferred Cologne: Fish, Manliness, Maturity, Sharance Spice, Worldly Traveler


  • Birthday: Winter 19
  • Loves: Backscratcher, Dumplings, Expensive Flowers
  • Likes: Rice Balls, dishes made with Fish
  • Hates: Chocolate Cake, Hot Chocolate
  • Preferred Cologne: The Bee’s Knees, Floral Bouquet, Girliness


  • Birthday: Fall 26
  • Loves: Tempera Udon
  • Likes: Udon, Curry Udon
  • Hates: Sweets
  • Preferred Cologne: Fiery Passion, Iron Forge, Sharance Spice, Strange Scent

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