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The Return to Bloody Nights
  • Kategoria: Główna gra
  • Po raz pierwszy wydany: Mar 27, 2023
  • Gatunki: Point-and-click, Indie
  • Tematy: Horror, Survival

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How to Deal With the Animatronics


FredBear and Spring Bonnie

Freddie and Spring Bonnie are the first two animatronics you must deal with. They'll approach you from two directions, with Freddie trying to get through the left door and Bonnie trying to get through the right. You'll need to watch their movements through the camera.

From Monday to Wednesday, it's easiest just to watch them so you know exactly where they are. Thursdays are when it starts to get a bit more difficult. It's best just to watch cameras 7 and 8 (the two cameras by the office entrances). Freddie will appear on one camera, showing off the innards of his face, while Spring Bonnie will appear in the dark corridor on the other camera, slightly out of the line of sight.

They won't go back once you see them, so you can shut the door as soon as these two appear and keep it closed until you hear a single knock. This indicates that they have left, and you can unlock the door.

Freddie and Bonnie's variations are a bit more unique and have to be handled differently.

Hollow-Eyed Fazbear

Hollow-Eyed Fazbear is designed to trick you into thinking there are other animatronics nearby when none are present. He'll still attack you, but the approach is significantly slower than his original version.

He'll appear at the farthest point on the left of the Office doors. Keep track of him, but don't worry about closing the door just yet. You can worry more about the original variation of Freddie for now. As Hollow-Eyed Fazbear moves towards the door, he'll talk to you, often telling you to "Look Out." Keep checking on him with your flashlight until he reveals his entire face to you in the doorway. If he's called out to you 3 - 4 times by the time he's reached the door, you can shut it and wait for the knock that indicates he's moving away.

White-Eyed Bonnie

White-Eyed Bonnie is one of the most challenging animatronics to deal with and will attack you from your right side. However, he works a little differently from the other animatronics. Most of the time, when you spot Bonnie on one of the Cameras, his hands cover his face. This is because he's playing Hide 'n Seek with you.

This means that you must be aware of his movement at all times, so ensure you're constantly checking the cameras and keeping track of his position. He starts in the top left room before moving to the right corridor. It's now that you'll need to move quickly.

Once you spot Bonnie on camera 8, shut the right door immediately. There is a chance he'll just sit and wait for a moment, but once he starts moving, you won't have nearly enough time to shut the door on him.

Once it's locked, you'll hear rapid footsteps followed by five nocks. DO NOT open the door yet. Instead, wait about 5 seconds; otherwise, you're bound to get a nasty surprise.

The Endoskeleton

The Endoskeleton can't really be seen on the camera feeds and will freely roam across the Diner before making its way to the office doors. You'll need to keep your wits about you and shine your flashlight through the office doors as often as possible in case it shows itself. Once it appears, you can shut the door, and it will leave instantly.

The Puppet

Emily Marionette's primary purpose is to slowly creep up behind you while you're dealing with the other animatronics. You'll need to look for her occasionally and simply shine your flashlight directly in her face to make her return to her box. 

She'll appear in the middle of the office and move a few times before running for you. You'll spot her popping her head out from the bottom, standing bolt upright in the center, or leaning left to avoid your gaze entirely.

Emily Marionette has the longest wait period of all the animatronics, which you should take full advantage of. If she jumps scares you, you won't die, but it'll make the animatronics way more aggressive.

So, while you should make a habit of looking behind you in your cycle of checking the camera feed, the left door, and the right door, you don't really need to worry about the Marionette until she's right behind you leaning to your left or right.

The Cupcake

The cupcake's sole purpose is to be a temporary visual disturbance in the camera feed. It will appear on any camera and block it almost entirely. You can still use the cameras to spy on other animatronics while the cupcake is being a nuisance; you'll just have a harder time noting their movements in the Diner. 

Fortunately, it cannot kill you, and all you need to do to get rid of it is ignore it by turning the camera off and waiting for it to pass.

The Best Strategy
  1. Check the cameras. If the cupcake or shadows are covering the screen, switch off the camera and give it a moment or two before turning it back on.
  2. Check cameras 7 and 8 for FredBear, Spring Bonnie, and White-Eyed Bonnie.
  3. Check how close Hollow-Eyed FredBear is
  4. Check on Emily Marionette
  5. Check the right door for the Endoskeleton.

Easter Eggs Hidden Throughout the Game

Easter Eggs

Five Nights at Freddie's

The entire game is one massive FNAF Easter egg. It takes the concept of the original game and expands on it slightly. The main protagonist is even named after Five Nights at Freddie's creator, Scott Cawthon, which adds an interesting piece of lore to the original game.


There are several references to Valve's Portal:

  1. The door warning sign on the left.
  2. Karen is very likely a reference to Cave Johnson's Assistant, Caroline.
  3. Several voice lines are quotes from the game, including, "Wathel, what was in that phone book of a contract I signed? Am I in danger? Let me answer that question with a question: who wants to make some money?" and "Let that handsome devil go on about his way.
  4. The lyrics to Still Alive are on the sticky notes on the fan.

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