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Rune Factory 5
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How to (successfully) enter the wrong bathhouse


It is impossible to enter the wrong bathhouse fully, as you are stopped at the door if you try. However, with careful use of the right abilities in the right spot, you can force your way inside anyway.

Trying to enter the wrong bathhouse

Easter Eggs

If you try to enter the wrong bathhouse, you will be awarded a title and prevented from entering. The game tracks how many times you try to enter the wrong bathhouse and gives you different titles if you persistently try. Currently, players have tried up to 300 times with no changes beyond the 100th time, so it is likely that the title you receive after trying 100 times is the last piece to this secret.

By entering the wrong bathhouse, you’ll get the following titles:

  • 1 time – Klutz
  • 10 times – Creeper
  • 50 times – Habitual Offender
  • 100 times – Absolute Degenerate

Unlock the Seasonal Headdress


Unlocking the Seasonal Headdress requires a bit of work. First, you’ll need to collect star seeds by destroying fallen stars the day after a star-fall event. Then, you’ll need to grow a star seed in each season, to harvest the associated crop. Each of the four seasonal star-fall crops will reward you with a corresponding headdress if you throw the crop into the Pharos Woodlands Pond.

Once you have the Spring Headdress, Summer Headdress, Autumn Headdress, and Winter Headdress, you can craft them together into the Seasonal Headdress.

Unlock skill levels


As you fight with different weapons, you will unlock their associated skills to improve your talent with that weapon/fighting style. Taking damage and encountering status effects likewise level up your defense and resistances.

Farming skills work in a similar way; your skills increase as you perform the activity in question.

Performing various activities, such as sleeping, walking, eating, etc. also have associated skills that level up. Pretty much every action you perform can be upgraded simply by doing it.

To upgrade your magic skills, you’ll need to raise Lucas’s friendship to 5. This will unlock the ability to upgrade your spells at Studio Palmo.

Leading a party levels up Leadership, shipping items levels up Bartering, and catching enemies levels up Catching.

Unlock cooking, forging, chemistry, crafting


At Rigbarth’s Outpost, you can speak with Saint Eliza to take a license test for various skills that unlocks your ability to use that skill, although you’ll still need to then obtain the tools needed to do it. The skills unlocked this way are:

  • Cooking License – unlocks Cooking Table to allow you to cook food
  • Pro Cooking License – unlocks advanced recipes
  • Forging License – unlocks the Forge to allow you to craft weapons
  • Chemistry License – unlocks the Chemistry Table to allow you to craft medicine
  • Crafting License – unlocks the Crafting Table to allow you to craft accessories and gear

Earn money fast (Elsje money trick)


There is an easy money method by exploiting the help of the character Elsje. If you take Elsje outside of town with you, either by leveling her friendship to 3 or by using the Companion Crest, she will throw you healing items when you’re hurt. If you catch it, you’ll automatically consume it, but if you dodge it, you’ll be able to pick it up to use or sell later. One of her items, royal curry, can be sold for 500,000G when you ship it.

Basic Tips


You regain RP while standing still, including while talking to someone or looking in storage.

Sleeping is one of the skills you can level up, and improving your sleeping skill increases your HP as well as other stats. However, to level up sleeping, you’ll need to go to sleep by 1 AM.

Before you go to sleep, try to find an activity that will use up any remaining RP you have for the day.

The requests offered through the request board will give you many of the basic tools for free by completing certain quests.

There is no daily limit for requests.

Talk to NPCs often to increase their friendship levels.

Once a character’s friendship level is at level 3 or higher, you’ll be able to take them with you in your party when you go outside of town. You can take up to three characters with you at a time (for a total party of four), and their friendship levels will determine if they stay with you until you’re ready to finish or return to town when it gets late.

After the first dungeon, you’ll be able to build monster barns and tame monsters by befriending them. Tamed monsters also provide you with a valuable source of resources, so be sure to befriend monsters when you can.

Craft everything, and whenever possible, craft an additional copy (if you intend to use the first one) to ship.

While it costs more RP to craft without a recipe, successfully crafting an item simply by trying different combinations is possible.

Craft items to give to NPCs. Gifting NPCs with homemade items will result in them giving you items after every 5 gifts. Two to especially keep in mind are Darroch and Terry, who give you hammers (some unique to him) and accessories respectively, as well as Martin and Reinhard, who give you ore and seeds respectively and let you get some early in the game easier than you otherwise would.

Some NPC friendships increase as you level your own skills, as it’s a skill they find impressive.

An chest in Meline Crystal Caverns floor B1 contains the Cure ability, which is definitely a useful ability you want to have, so be sure to look for it.

Romance Guide (how to get married)


Certain characters in Rune Factory 5 can be romanced and married. There are 12 possible romance options regardless of your player character’s gender:

  • Fuuka
  • Lucy
  • Ludmilla
  • Scarlett
  • Priscilla
  • Beatrice
  • Lucas
  • Martin
  • Murakumo
  • Ryker
  • Cecil
  • Reinhard

You can romance and confess feelings to multiple characters, although the more characters you’ve confessed to at a time, the greater your chances are of being rejected in subsequent confessions. You can only marry one, however, and you can’t confess love to someone else while already married.

Each romanceable character has three story events, marked with a pink indicator on their icon when available, that you must see in order to romance them. Your friendship must also be at least level 7 for you to confess, with higher levels increasing your chances of success.

Once you want to confess love to a character, speak to them, select “BTW,” and choose “I love you!”

If your feelings are accepted, they’ll ask you to meet them for a date. After that, you’ll be able to use the “BTW” options to ask them out on dates as well.

After three dates, you’ll unlock an additional story event for that character.

Once you’ve seen that story event, and if your friendship is at level 10, you’ll be able to marry them. However, you’ll also need to clear the game’s main story and have met all of the NPCs in Rigbarth Outpost.

If you meet all of the criteria, you’ll get a request that unlocks the engagement ring recipe and the double bed. Craft the ring and buy the bed to complete the request.

After that, give the ring to the character in question to propose, and you’ll be able to get married.

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