Far Cry 5 Hinweise auf Playstation 4 (PS4)

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Hier sind unsere Hinweise für Far Cry 5 auf Playstation 4. Die vertrauenswürdigsten Artikel erhalten von unseren Benutzern die meisten "Daumen hoch" und erscheinen näher an der Spitze!

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How to Get the Most Out of the Game


Talk to Everyone Your Encounter

Rather than the towers from the previous games, this game takes a page out of Skyrim's book. You'll need to talk to the various characters walking around the world for mission info and quests. 

These include Cult Outposts, Prepper Stashes, Side Quests, Main Story Quests, and the locations of Key characters, all of which will be marked on your map once the NPC you're getting information from has finished talking. 

If you don't want to listen to every piece of dialogue, you can skip through the conversation to get the critical information. Chat to everyone with an "!" above their heads.

Keep Switching Between Specialists

Specialists are characters ready to assist in the fight against the cult once you unlock them by completing their unique side quests. There are nine (including the animals), and while you're bound to have a favorite, it's good practice to swap between characters depending on the mission you're playing through. 

You can summon and dismiss them at will, so think about what you must do in each mission and summon the specialist who will ensure your success. Some are better at stealth missions, while others are better at running in, guns blazing.

Read the Signs

As you venture through the world, you'll come across various signposts planted on the side of most roads. They're not just ornamental. Looking at them will tag various points of interest on your map, such as fishing spots, base jump locations, or hunting grounds.

They're a great way to keep track of what's around you, especially since you can't rely on radio towers to show you every notable location in your vicinity.

Open Every Safe You Come Across

You'll come across locked safes when exploring Prepper Stashes, Bunkers, or specific houses. Most of them contain stacks of money and sometimes even perk magazines, so it's good practice to open them. 

You can open safes in three ways:

  1. Chucking an explosive at the lock and blowing it wide open.
  2. Burning it open with a blowtorch (you'll need to unlock it as a perk first).
  3. Holding a button to open it with your bare hands (if you have the lockpicking perk).

Level Up Your Fighters

Fighters are the random NPCs you'll tag along on your adventures as disposable Guns for Hire. You can recruit three at any given time, and each can be leveled up to gain two randomly selected perks that can boost you and them.

Your fighters need 5 kills to unlock their first perk and 12 to unlock their second, so keep an eye on their kill count in the roster menu to gain access to their perks as quickly as possible.

Recruit the Fangs for Hire Quickly

Animal companions are always a fun game mechanic, especially when they're powerful creatures that'll bowl through your enemies with no trouble and live to the end of the game. There are three in the game that you'll need to unlock as soon as you have free reign of Hope County.

Boomer the dog is the easiest to get your hands on, but Peaches (the cougar) and Cheeseburger (the bear) will do the most damage against your enemies.

Gain the Maximum Resistance Points in Each Region

As you journey through the game, you'll earn Resistance Points, which will allow you to take on the boss of the region you've earned them in. Almost every activity rewards you with Resistance Points, but some will earn more than others. For example, rescuing a hostage will earn you 50RP, while liberating a Cult Outpost can get you 400RP 

The more resistance you gain, the more you'll irritate the boss of each region and the more likely they are to start hunting you down. Keep an eye out for any aggressive planes or hitmen.

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